Wednesday, October 12, 2011

BD TV Spot

Okay, girls...I just hafta say...I'm not feeling Robward's makeup.


  1. He looks so freakin cute when he says I'll meet you at the altar! And the little line at the end "What's a wedding without some drama" - makes me think maybe we will get the playful, winking, flicking the garter in Mike Newton's face Edward!!!! :)
    37 days h00rs!!!!!!!! 37 mother freakin days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. HOLY FUCK!! Okay Summit... I think you're done with commercials for now, because let's face it you won't put as much Robward goodness into another one so... we're good here! :)

  3. Yeah, Edward's not looking his best in some of these shots.
    When Edward says, "Some of the drama..." Bella looks all happy, I'm thinking it's when Edward presents the dog to her. I still hate that she was that happy to see another guy the day of her wedding.

  4. I don't feel so bad now, I thought it was just me that thought he looked more pasty than normal. I really hope this is not the whole film, ya know.

    If it is, I think there is going to be a lot of fans not happy with how the whole cast looks.

    Totally fun Edward: "I'll see you at the altar" and "What's a wedding without a little drama?"
    Do you think they were foolin' around right before the altar comment like in the book? She looked a little disheveled when she told him "I know I can do this."

  5. Oh NHB, I sure hope there is some foolin' around! SQUEEEEEE! Did I mention? 37 freakin' days!!!! LOL

  6. I think that y'all are right about the what's a wedding without some drama line...having just re-read these chapters recently I seem to recall him saying something along those lines....or at least thinking that to myself at least...or something...kiTT? Professor Twilight? Do you remember?

    I might have to go back and look now...

  7. These TV spots just aren't long enough!! I need MORE!!!!


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