Monday, October 3, 2011

Alice and Bella Time????

Yay!  Does this mean we get more Alice and Bella girlfriend time????
I hope so!!!!


  1. Poor Alice... who'd have forseen the day that Bella would dress better then she does? Oh wait... guess you saw that coming huh Alice.

  2. kstew has legs that go on for miles. that girl can rock a pair of skinny jeans like they owe her something. (haha)

  3. in that link lisa gave us, bill condon's luva tweeted about the fact that there WILL be more bella and alice time in BD.

  4. Kassie, you crack me up! I guess Alice should have seen that coming...
    Again, what a shame. What they did to Alice and how she looks is awful.
    Agree Meg, Kristen's legs are her best assets.

  5. alice now Peter Pan's lost sister? She looks like a little blue fairy! I guess calling her "Pixie" in the fanfic is ideal.

    I HATE her hair. I think we're going to have some hit and misses on this film. I'm hoping the hits will be the really important stuff.

  6. I must say that if bad Alice and Carlisle (and maybe even some bad Rob hair in some shots...) are the only misses, I'll be ok with it!! From what the previews have shown, the "important" scenes look pretty spot on...I mean, headboard? Yes, please...

  7. Who in the hell told Alice that blue tights were attractive? I thought she was the "fashionista" of the Cullen Clan, and so far all of the movies have either made her look like a Disney Character or an old schoolmarm ( no offense intended to my school-teacher blog buddies...). I don't get it. Are they letting SM pick out her clothing? I'm just saying, if I were Ashley Greene, I'd be less than thrilled with my wardrobe selections. But I guess that fat paycheck from Scummit makes up for it. Hell, I'd dress like a chicken if they were paying me like that!!

    I am glad they are letting Alice and Bella have some girl time, tho.


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