Friday, October 21, 2011

Phil 1 vs. Phil 2

Breaking Dawn Phil (Ty Olsson)

Twilight Phil (Matt Bushell)

First Victoria, now this?!

Don't try to fool us with look-alike Phils, Summit. We're on to you.

Can the new Phil deliver the line, "We gotta plane to catch," with more conviction?

We shall see....we. shall. see.


  1. Twilight Phil always reminds my friend Jen and I of John Cena. We often refer to him in that way. Haha...

    ...I'm sure they do have a plane to catch at some point in Breaking Dawn...let's hope we can do a line by line comparison!!

  2. "I love you both...but we got a plane to catch."

    Yeah, this doesn't bother me because really that's the only time you saw him and it wasn't close up. I actually think the new guy's not too bad.

  3. My hubby knows I don't like when he rushes me out the door so he likes to throw this line out there for me and mini.

    "I love you both but we've got a plane to catch."

    the Phils!
    You don't really remember what Phil 1 looked like so much as sounded like as he threw his arms out in the air. Sounded sort of like he might bust out into some Eminem lyrics and talk about he's gotta take his shot in the minors!

  4. Phil 1 was pretty sexy. With a line like that and those impressive fake driving skills how can you not help but to fall in love with him. I has a sad they are replacing him. So Phil 2 you better bring your A game... we don't play around. Mess up your 1 line and we'll cut you! Capiche!?!

  5. this was kinda tongue in cheek.

    it's just funny to me that blurred phil has been replaced.


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