Thursday, October 27, 2011

Early Edward...

Well here's a sneak peek into the scene that everyone is talking about...a gif of Edward in a Movie theatre. Ladies, he's got red eyes here!!

And a little closeup :)



  1. Mmmm....real vampire Edward...

    ...I always liked that one scene in Twilight with him biting Bella's neck in the very 'vampire-y' outfit...

  2. I love that scene too Lauren! I could do without the weird hair but it's easy to ignore at the angle he's going in for the bite *grumbles I wish it was me he was biting*

    Okay Naughty we better wear thick sweaters to the theater unless we want to walk out with arms as bruised as Bella's from honeymoon sex, ya know from all the hitting we're gonna inflict on each other.. RED EYED EDWARD!!

  3. Red eyed Edward is HAWT!!!!!!!!!

  4. Updated this post with the closeup that we were talking about - just wanted everyone to know it was on over :)


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