Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rob and Laura

Oh, Laura Culpepper, where are you now?


  1. The following will be heavily laced with sarcasm.

    I heard she got spontaneously pregnant from interviewing some hot British actor. Then after she had her half vampire half human baby chewed out, her ovaries exploded from the hotness of said actors holding that small child. I also heard she's in witness protection now.

    Seriously though! Where is she?

  2. Well her life was completed, so I guess Laura could be anywhere now. :)

    Rob and his bogus candy answer--LMAO!! Nope don't like candy until he's popping the chocolate smarties during the Details interview and eating pretzel M&Ms on set.

    btw, have I mentioned how great I think it is that Rob follows us?

  3. they actually have really good chemistry together. lol
    both very laid back. it makes him chatty. i think he likes that she is such an amateur. they're both kinda thrown into this.

    #1 on laura culpepper's resume:
    Interviewed Robert Pattinson.

  4. That is pretty fantastic - I'd never seen these before but I absolutely love goofy-interview-Rob. He is my favorite of the interview-Robs. Totally adorkable. She was funny too - really laid back - I'm not sure if I'd be able to be so cool, calm, and collected if I were sitting in a room taping an interview with Rob as a "guest blogger" person (like if it wasn't my job) because lord knows even Johsie is affected by interviewing Rob and it's what he does for a living!!

  5. I found these during New Moon promo stuff. I tried googling her last night and the only Laura Culpepper they show is an architect in Cali. I wonder if that's her. Seems too old though.

    She was so calm and cool. I love how he drops to one knee and presents her with the first scene of Twilight. So damn cute. I didn't watch these. Just remembering from seeing it before. Does this one include where she busts him for wearing the clothes from Twilight??? Too damn funny!

  6. @TT - i think ROB was trying to remain incognito by not attaching a pic to his profile.

    shhh, nothing to see here, move along.

    *jumps and down and waves* HI ROB! I'm your #1 stalker, er, fan!

  7. I'm right here, y'all - feel free to add me on facebook :)

    6 months late loool

    1. Wow! So great to hear from you! How did you find out little blog?
      Are you still the "awkward Twilight Chic?"
      Thanks so much for stopping. Come back again! We'd love to have you!!!

  8. Hi Laura!! Thanks for dropping by our little site!! Glad to hear you're out there and doing well!! Stop by and see us whenever you'd like!

  9. Wow!! Thanks so much for commenting!
    We really enjoyed your time with Rob.

    So are you still blogging?

  10. I found you guys through google haha...good stuff. I'm no longer with MTV. I finished my internship in NYC and moved back to good ole Alabama(my home base). Now I'm writing screenplays and hoping to sell eventually.

    1. So cool you to stop by and comment! Yeah, we're all over Google! We pop up in the strangest places too! LOL
      Good luck with the screenplays!


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