Saturday, October 1, 2011


Welcome to the first official day of October Robert Pattinson style! I figured a good way to start off the month would be a little Robporn dive. For the lovely Jen, I hope these pictures are new err new to you. Hopefully this will be a start to revamping your collection.

Beanie, check! Sunglasses, check! Scruff, double check!!

Happy trails to you!

Beanie FTW

I could totes see Rob keeping this POW/MIA shirt.

Don't you look at us like that Rob.
We'd do anything to for you even without the look.

I should label these next 7 pictures: The Lisa Loves B&W Rob Section

Jaw porn FTMFW!!

These next pics are for the beardy Rob sluts out there ;)
Don't give me that look Rob. They know I say it with love.
And yeah they still want to do you, even with the beard!
I know that's surprising to you since you do it to throw them off your trail.

He's checking on his flight to
errrrm what was I saying? I got a bit distracted by the beard.

I think this is a pretty decent start to the month of October. It will only get better from here!


  1. Abso-freaking-lutely perfect first post for Roctobert! Those pics are ah-mah-zing! I will spend October first dutifully staring at that it...nice work, MKC :-)

  2. *claps* R-October-T rocks!
    Thanks, Kassie. Perfect way to wake up.

    The one with the blanket over his head. THUD. Let's go back under the covers, Rob.

  3. Awesome banner Lauren.
    Some of my fav pictures, Kassie.

    I'm suddenly craving a hot, steamy ...

    pumpkin latte.

  4. Lauren, orange tint gives our Rob that sexy golden sexy. Beautifully done.

    Kassie, well there is no sense trying to pick a favorite Rob picture, they are all good. But well, for me, you know it's the ones with the white shirts. So happy you included those for Jen's stash.
    Veryyyyyyyyyyy nice selection!

  5. Welcome to Roctobert's going to be a very good month...I can feel it.

    Don't forget to buy your tickets today for midnight Breaking Dawn!! On sale through Fandango and My friend who works at our theater (we have 17 theaters) is expecting to sell out within about 2 days for all theaters....they're ready to be busy!

  6. I think most of us Twi-town girls have ours. We're set for 12:01!
    Can't wait.

    Fabulous Q: Love the banner! You ROCK!!!

    Kassie, have I told you how much I love you? With one little post this morning, you have turned me into a complete perv and now I'm ready for my party tonight. Hehehehe. Naughty's gonna be Naughty with our 'toy' dealer.

    You picked a hot photo from every single shoot! I'm partial to CannesRob, b&wRob, VanityFairRob, BearRugFlannelRob...I'll stop now.

    Jen, I hope this helps with your pics. I have about 1800 on my computer. If you are looking for anything in specific, email me. I will help in any way I can.

  7. Jen I have a huge number (not quite 1800, but getting there) on my computer too if you're looking for anything specific :-D

  8. YAY FOR R-OCT-BERT!!!! Y'all make me feel so special. I'm not looking for anything specific, I mean Rob is splendid anyway we can get him!! I do have a penchant for WFE Rob, and well, we all know what Rome Rob does to most of us...

    Loved the first post of the month! The next couple of months are going to be fab!

  9. the last pic makes me want to go to Roctobertfest! cheers!


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