Friday, October 7, 2011

Flashback...Drunk Rob!

So, we're in a MAJOR draught! Taking a page from Robsessed, let's revisit some out and about Rob. Flash to September 2008...just after the MTV awards...
Here's Our Man perfecting his 'sex stare'. Check out the hands too!
Hey Baby. How you doin?
Smiley Rob...
Yeah, it's Me. Come on. Let me walk you to my place...
Laughing Rob...just a little tipsy...
What's that? You want to bite my ass?
Besides the sex stare, this one is I think my fave...little smirk, a little drunk, a whole lottta sexy!!!
Yeah, you can tie me up...
Dontcha just love these pics? There is a video to go with these, but seeing that these are pap pics (Don't hit me!) I thought just using them was enough.
What are your favorite old Rob pics???
(pics courtesy of RobertPattinsonSource via Robsessed)


  1. Drunk and smiley Rob FTW!!!
    I love his black leather jacket, and while I'm not a big fan of the shirt I will give him props for sporting such a patriotic look. After all, he is American, right?

    *cracks herself up and hides*

  2. I love me some drunk/tipsy Rob pics buuuuut I don't like em bc they're usually pap (being ahole douche nozzle) pics. I always prefer Rob in a suit... ya know swim, D&G, whateves I'm not picky :)


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