Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Taylor, Taylor, Taylor"

That's to be said like "Marica, Marcia, Marcia" btw because Taylor is on the cover of tons of magazines lately. He scored GQ again? Really?

Where's Rob?
Whomever mistakenly picked him up and carried him off somewhere....

Please return him well-dressed, shaved, and posed looking left for optimal jawp0rn.

How about a Rob cover? For my eyes' sake, where are the new good Rob photoshoots? A girl can only live on the extra TV Guide outtakes for so long!

And don't get me started on the gator fiasco unless Annie soon graces us with some outtakes of Rob in the car or at the piano!

Somebody better come up with something soon, because my eyes have already been wandering off to Askars on the cover of Men's Journal. Take a look here. There is a pic of him when he was younger in the movie 'Zoolander' and I think it is safe to say, he's filled out and grown up nicely.

By the way, here is a current article that talks about what sex dreams with various people 'in your life' mean, including a celebrity. Click here to read. It says a sex dream with a celebrity means you are "acknowledging a talent you have in common with the star." If this is true, then I'm convinced the sex dreams are gonna be kicking into full gear after watching Breaking Dawn.

*Photo from ToR


  1. Well I guess at the very least we can look forward to the People special edition?

    GQ Rob would be fantastic - what's more GQ than Promo-Rob? I mean Gucci suits that fit like gloves...perfect time for a cover.....

  2. I'm like a kid at Christmas. I cannot WAIT for all the Rob publicity. It's going to be abso-freakin-lutely fan-fucking-tastic. ( i love hyphenating made-up words, BTW)

    Patience is a virtue which I, unfortunately DO NOT possess.

    Where are you, Precious? WE NEED YOU.

  3. GQ is a must. My people are gonna call their people and we'll get this ball a rollin'.

    Kassie, please interpret your dream and share the explanation!

    I for sure thought this was Jen's post until I saw TT's name at the end. That girl loves some Robporn, it's what brought us together. *sniff*

    I can't even discuss the Annie debacle. That shoot is dead to me.

  4. @Meg: Tell kiTT to stay the hell outta my head.
    Oh shit. Now I'm quoting the Dog. I need some Rob.

  5. We definitely need some new photo shoots... we can't live off of outtake scraps forever! Get him on cover of Cigar Aficionado, Harvard Business Review, fucking Cat goddamn Fancy for Christs sake! I don't care I needz something to hold me over.

    Let's interpret my Rob dream by pulling some random quotes (because that's how I roll)...
    "your psyche is simply recognizing a talent you have in common with the star"
    "sex dreams may simply be “wish fulfillment” (you probably won’t be able to score with this person in real life, so you resort to your dreams), sex dreams are usually more complex, reflecting your own personal desires and fears"
    "he probably possesses some admirable personality trait (such as leadership skills, kindness, or a flair for fashion) that you recognize in yourself but haven’t yet fully developed"

    So what I get from these snippets is that Rob and I have something in common, something I haven't actualized. I really really really wish it would happen but sadly I will never *gasp*sobs* sleep with Rob.

    Let's see.. we have amazing hair, the ability to go from Hobo to glam, our superb musical talents (haven't you heard me sing yet?) and clearly our stellar acting performances. Wow who would have thought Rob and I had so much in common, it's a hardship really.

  6. "fucking Cat goddamn Fancy"

    Priceless Kassie!

    I'll take him on the friggin' valupak coupon thing that comes in the mail! I'm starting to shake ladies...withdrawal, withdrawal.


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