Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Thousand Years

So here is the video for 'A Thousand Years' and it's cutsie.

Any Twilight fan will appreciate the use of the book cover images in this from the apple to the white flower to the red ribbon to the chess board. The video and song lyrics 'One Step Closer' suggests that this song covers the journey of Edward and Bella to I'm guessing the wedding night. After all, I see a sign on a broken piece of wood and I'm pretty sure I'm getting a sublimal message about headboard-busting sex with Edward.

It's a lovely enough song, and I think Christina Perri has a beautiful voice. Can you sense a 'but' coming on from me?

She got to see the movie. She got to see the movie and then write a song inspired BY THE MOVIE, but I just don't see (or feel) an overwhelming link to the movie with this song. I think I've just seen too much fan art in the fandom that expresses a much deeper passion. I mean UAB and Kassie's accounts of seeing 'Eclipse' via Oprah conveyed a lot more passion and excitement about the E/B love story than this song did.

And I'm a little fuzzy on her use of the expression 'for a thousand years' as a song title. Oh, I could make total sense of it if I wanted to, but I don't want to have to work that hard. I wanted to be kind of sitting here watching this video saying, WOW but I didn't.

It's still a lovely song. And I'm sure it will grow on me once I have seen the movie.


  1. It'a already grown on me! I've got to go to school but this made me want to stay home and hear it again.
    kiTT your insights into the symbolism is so deep!
    Well done:)

  2. Thanks Mrs. Tesoro. Do I get a Twilight sticker?

  3. Yes a sticker and an A+
    After reading that one shot I sent you all and then listening, viewing this video, I'm a mess. Good mess, but a mess.
    Now I'm late for school!

  4. The song is very pretty and I'm sure once I see it in the movie and make connection to something in the movie, I will love it.

    But that had to be the lamest-ass video I have ever seen in my life. I kept forwarding it, hoping I would see something more than words scribbled everywhere.

    @kiTT - Thanks for the compliment about the Oprah stuff!!! :) Maybe this chick is just not as passionate as we are about Twilight - they should have gotten Hayley Williams to write a song instead! I think her passion for Twilight and that she had read and loved the books really comes through in Decode. Just my opinion. :)

  5. @UAB, did it feel like a thousand years waiting to get to a good part in the video? LOL

    Some of my disappointment is in not having any footage of E/B. I'm sure it is only a matter of time until someone makes a kickass fan video using this song.

  6. I got emotional...but I think it's that time of the month. :)

    I really picture this playing before the wedding and I think it will be beautiful. I bet we will all be shedding some tears.

    CAN'T WAIT!!

  7. I'm not wowed by this. I can get the Twilight references in the lyrics but they seem shallow, like just taking the words and running with them not digging deeper into the feelings. Clearly the director gets Twilight with the visuals, I'm just not impressed. Someone will eventually make a kick ass fan video of this song... maybe then I'll be impressed.

    kiTT were we even coherent in our Oprah post, we were in a near squee coma lol

  8. The video is definitely lacking something, but the song is beautiful and tugs at my heart strings. Feels like Edward's POV while he's standing at the alter.

    The funny thing with all soundtrack songs is that they are barely in the films when it comes right down to it.

  9. This is pretty.



  10. oooooh kiTT - that is pretty!!!! I likey!

  11. oooooh kiTT - that is pretty!!!! I likey!


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