Friday, October 28, 2011

The Boyfriend Look

Casual boyfriend sweater is back...

in black!

{picture from RPLife}

Which was better Rome Rob or Stockholm Rob?

Rome Rob was
perfection but
I admit I've got a case of
Stockholm syndrome...
Rob captured me
and held me prisnor
and in turn I
fell in love with him.

{photos from ThinkingofRob}


  1. Love that giggly last pic adorable!!

    Also, good call with the Stockholm Syndrome, kiTT...I see what you did there ;-)

    I don't know that I could pick - this year might be partial to me because I'm here to celebrate along with everyone instead of playing catch up after the fact...I get to watch Promo-Rob in action and what a pretty story it is to watch...

  2. we should form a Stockholm Syndrome support group, cuz this promo season might just kill me!!!

    I love me some Rome Rob (all Robs actually), but I think he's been eclipsed (hehe) by Stockholm. Wow. Just. Wow.

  3. Everything about this new promo Rob screams happy and professional. He just looks too damn good for one man! I will always have a soft spot for unkempt Rob and crazy sex hair Rob but this new shorter messy hair plus the goatee combo is to die for!!

  4. @Kassie - you're right....I totally get the professional but he seems so much more comfortable too. Like he's finally getting used to the craze of the fame a little and isn't as nervous about it. I get a whole - this is my life now so I'm just going to be myself and relax a bit - vibe from him lately...even during WFE promo he seemed much less nervous than older interviews that I've seen...

  5. Holy Shite! This is my down fall...this sweater makes my girly bits go ballistic. One of my fav pics of him from Rome is in this sweater.

    I agree, there is still word vomit, but I think he's so intelligent that his mouth can't keep up with his brain. He comes off as professional but with a sense of fun and enjoyment. I too noticed the difference starting with the WFE promos.

    If I haven't said it enough...I absolutely heart this Man. Off to catch up on Stockholm. Why do I even sleep? I miss so much!

  6. He has grown up a lot in the last few years and really gotten into his groove with these events and interviews. He's not so shy anymore and will still do crazy things like kiss a random fan on the cheek because it's her birthday, incidentally have you seen that video? Too cute! And I'm so totes jealous!! I love that he still doesn't take himself too seriously even though he takes his job seriously, ya know?

  7. i think rob is really he looks reeel good, and acts even better....which makes mama happy....and if mama ain't happy than ain't nobody happy. ya hear?



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