Friday, October 14, 2011

How Cute is This????

Yes Edward, I would love to play hide the salami with you......
Happy Friday hOOrs!
I suddenly have a taste for salami. 


  1. This made my morning - after running late and being totally overwhelmed when I got to school (I hate being out - figuring out sub messes are always bad the next day...) I needed something to make me smile. Freaking adorable - guesses on why he's embarrassed?

    Also, anyone else notice the 'broken' headboard (or what looks like it) in the background...leaning up against the wall it looks like...there's definitely a chunk missing there...

  2. That boy plays some seriously hard core peek-a-boo LOL!

    Why yes Q there does seem to be a big hand sized hunk missing :)

  3. I keep looking at his foot. lol

    love this!

  4. Yeppers...big ol' chunk a wood missin' from the Man grippin' it good...makes me want a word headboard! I always wanted a romantic bed like that with the canopy and the gauzy material hanging down.

    He's so damn adorable! Why so bashful Rob???

    I just have to say...I don't like feet. Even if they are that gorgeous man's feet. Yuk. But, kiTT saying she keeps looking at his foot, made me look.

  5. Just watched the extended scene and they yelled 'Cut' after he did this so I hope it is going in the movie. I can handle a little (or a lot) of playful Bedward!

  6. I just keep watching this over and over again and smiling!! This movie seriously can't come soon enough...I just switched my tickets to a different local theater (another friend wanted to go and bought them I'm being nice) and got all excited again when I got the ticket confirmation - even if there was already the old one sitting in my inbox.

    Can't wait for more ET, Access Hollywood, etc. stuff as it comes - cause I'm sure it will. And the latenight...I want Jimmy Fallon and Conan O'Brien!!

  7. I hope they leave it in that would be cute. But I'm with Naughty on this one feet are yucky I don't care who they are attached to just ewwwww.

    And his ass better be on Conan this time around... it's like they don't want him to go on Conan's show for some reason... I couldn't possibly think of why....

  8. Conan had one of the wolf pack in his audience doing a little schtick too. Well maybe it wasn't one of the real actors.

  9. Yeah, UAB! He's got a salami for ya!! :snickers:


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