Friday, October 21, 2011

He's Baaaaaack

Black gym shoes, check!
Blue jeans, check!
Button down shirt, check!
New bag, check!
Chest hair, check!
Leather jacket, double check!
Raybans, check!
Beard, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Beardy Rob is back ladies! For me this is a major no no! But for some of you... well... have at him! ;)

*All pics from Robsessed!*

Where is Dean? I need Dean!
Deeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! *shouted like Stella!*

Let us have a moment of silence for the now missing half hawk. I shall miss thee!


  1. I, for one, don't miss the half haircut - I really like his hair here...

    ...the half cut was cute for like a day...I was over it a while ago...

  2. Although there is nothing that would make HIM look bad in my eyes. The Half a Hair made me sad to look at but I did giggle over him being adorkable enough to walk around that way. I think there was a statement in there somewhere. Just like there is with Beardy Rob. It probably says, I hate to shave, I don't have to right now, so I won't, I'm off the clock, so tough shit everyone...Besides that, there's something about a beard for a man, that let's him seemingly hide behind it. I think it's him trying to hide, even a little. If you can, watch the video from this. He's being led away by several airport security people. It's interesting, and it made me sad to see him having to be hidden and whisked away from those jerks trying to get the shots. That, is part of the reason for the beard. Wish for him it had worked, that hiding.
    For me, the beard is familiar thing. And I think he looks hot with all the things Kassie lovingly checked off. But I wouldn't want it to last. Need to see the killer jaw.

  3. 4th pic down, love how his hair looks from that side!

    His hair color looks good.

  4. I tried to comment last night but my internet was screwy!

    For some reason, this beardy Rob did it for me last night. While I prefer him clean shaven, this was hott!

    I love the hair too! I don't mind the half hawk if he's going to be giving me that look! He looks pretty rested and relaxed despite having to be led away.

  5. Me likey. The Precious looks yummy, and I'm so glad to see some fresh pics.

    Makes for a good start to the weekend!

    Have a good one, ladies!

  6. Pics are up on Robsessed of the Paris arrival (

    Our Rob is looking a little more tired now, but flying will do that to you - especially with the time change and all...we shall see what Sunday holds for the beard!! Promo is starting!!!

  7. I keep saying I will put a pic up of my dad with his beard bc that's what beardy Rob reminds me of... so clearly not something that screams sexy to me lol... but you can check this pic out on photobucket

    I'll have to find a younger pic of my dad bc you can't get the full beardy Rob likeness with this one.. he had a broken leg at the time so had gained about 30 pounds but when he was skinnier he looked more like Rob lol.

  8. Oh, Pare-eee!

    I'm SO excited that promo time is here!! I'm like a horny woman in an eye candy store.

    Please let him shave that thing for THEE tour though. If he doesn't, I'll definitely think he's really pissed at Summit.

    Also, I'm digging the jacket. It may be a bit small and the lining is jacked which means it's prob second hand.

    He looks good, natch.

    And where the heck is Dean?


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