Thursday, October 27, 2011

New BD Clip - I'm Late

Wouldn't have Edward said, "About 2 weeks" instead of "14 days" without skipping a beat?

Don't mind me, I get super criticy (another new word by moi) with clips.

I can't wait for this movie!


  1. right.
    I'm surprised they let that whole clip out. Something
    about Edward taking part in a "human moment" makes
    me happy even if the scene is a serious one. Bella sitting on the toilet...why do I like that? Imagine
    talking to a vampire about your period? lol.
    No, seriously, I like it, I really like Edward and every move he makes is good.

  2. You know I think most people would generalize the statement and say about 2 weeks instead of 14 days but I bet Edward already had a hunch that's why he was more specific... because why else would a girl freak out in the bathroom holding a box of tampons? Or am I the only one seeing her put something down?

    I can't believe they put this whole clip out there but I am not complaining... the more the merrier!

  3. In the book he gives her an exact date I'm pretty sure (although I believe the line is "how long has it been since the wedding?" and the answer is like "17 days" or something along those lines...I'll find it - unless kiTT can get to it first since she's Professor Twilight :)

  4. This is torture until the 18th! OMG I can't wait. I do think that in the book too, when Bella asks how many days has it been since the wedding, Edward immediately says the number of day, though I think it was different number. LOL

  5. Ha! Me and Lauren posted the same thing at the same time....great minds!

  6. Chapter 7 - pg. 85

    Edward: "What's wrong?"
    Bella: "How many days has it been since the wedding?"
    Edward: "Seventeen, Bella, what is it?"

    Searchable PDF's are incredible!

  7. *says in Mike Newton voice while pointing finger* Oh, you're good.

    I was thinking Edward is really smart and can calculate in his head quickly.
    Are they trying to teach young girls something by changing it to 14 days? Again, don't mind me. I'm just happy to be here amongst you ladies. :)

  8. Fran, I heart you and ur comments.

  9. Kassie, I think she is holding a tampon.

    Aaand I'll stop commenting now. ;)


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