Thursday, October 27, 2011

Inappropriate Touching

I was reading this story "Inappropriate Touching"by jenjiveg, and I remembered this video.

I thought you all should see it. It shows Rob in rare form. And hearing him say Inappropriate touching...well, give it a look, see. Just the right video pre Breaking Dawn.


  1. Oh Rob, such a prude! LOL

    I'd take a little inappropriate touching from Rob errrr Edward anyday ;)

  2. His face is inappropriate?

    Yeah, I said it - inappropriate in the BEST possible way...

  3. I think I'll change my name to "Naughty Less Fragile Bella"...I love that one of his friends got to interview him for eclipse. You can totally see some of his answers are just "let's fuck around here."

    "There's so many disgusting things in this movie, it makes me sick."

    Uh huh, yeah, right.

  4. I love how you get to the meat of who Rob is.
    Hey, even Kristen was good in this video.


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