Sunday, October 30, 2011

New BD Clip - We'll Make Do

Here's a new tidbit. This one is kinda weird if you ask me (criticy Meg).

When I listen to the music on this vid I feel like I'm watching an old episode of Eight is Enough or something (which I'm sure Kassie and Lauren have never heard of). I felt the same way when I heard the music on the clip where Bella and Edward are seeing their honeymoon bed. Anyone else notice it?


Emmett's hair = bad
Taylor's arms = ginormous


  1. Meg you 're right this bit is weird, like a bad soap opera. Let's hope they change the music in the movie version.
    I can one up you in the time line. There was a soap called Dark Shadows, about vampires, music reminds me of that. Eight is Enough I remember, but not the erie music.
    Carlisle came off good here, Taylor and Rob did too. The others, well, they seemed like... frozen in time vampires. Bingo.

  2. I have totally heard of eight is enough! Lol. And BT, they are making a movie of Dark Shadow...Tim Burton is directing and Johnny Depp is staring in it :)

  3. Eight is Enough... not one of my favorite old shows. I'd rather take some I Love Lucy, Mary Tyler Moore, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Get Smart, Dragnet, Car 54 Where Are You, etc. Gotta love Nick at Nite.... well back when it played good shows.

    I like Emmetts hair and can I just say I really hope Kellan gets more lines in these 2 movies... by this clip alone I think chances are good.

    That music better only be promo music and not what's in the actual movie... it's pretty cheesy.

  4. here's my two cents...
    Emmett's hair is just...horrible.
    Why do they have to change the hair so drastically? I mean their hair is not supposed to grow.

    Jacob's arms are pretty big, but Emmett's are bigger. ::sticks out her tongue:: SO THERE!

    My MIL fav soap of all time? Dark Shadows. I want to go see the movie, Michelle Pfeiffer is in it.

    Unfortunately, I think that this will be the 'cheesy' music in the movie. We can't win them all.

  5. I'm not sure if this'll be the actual music or not - a lot of times they haven't finished scoring things until JUST before the movie comes out so who knows...we still have a little time and this might be a working cut where they just put other music behind it at the time. Like the prom scene in Twilight had other music they were all dancing to inside until the final cut...who knows - I think Carter did well with the first movie, I feel like he won't let us down too much with this one...

    Speaking of, any idea when the score is going to be released?

  6. All i have to say is...

    It coulda used more Rob.

  7. haha @jen

    why they gotta put robward in the corner?

    let's hope they switch the music. it won't ruin the movie or anything but it def distracted me in those 2 clips.

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