Sunday, October 9, 2011

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

To bring Tesoro a slice of Ryan Gosling

Now we return to the incomparable Robert Pattinson. Carry on.


  1. Move the fuck over Rob and Jackson. Yeah that's right I have room enough in my little old heart for one more hottie.
    I thought the Ellen video was great, he was adorable of course and I wanted to be that onesie sleeper. Then the BEST kiss was the best kiss. Better than Rob's and Kristen's. Don't hate me, you know it's true, watch that dam thing.
    Oh girls I love you, I really do. How else would I know all this shit if not for you?! Dam he is adorable.
    Did I say I now love him and need more?
    Meg, because you thought enough to bring this to me, I'm sending you what I sent kiTT because you seem to appreciate my profward too....

  2. Woot for some more Ryan G!

    Here's another recent interview of his that I love. Made me laugh to tears. Ryan has a great sense of humor and great timing.

  3. omg, kiTT! that interview was insane. that director is out of his gourd. haha! love the last part about calling the sequel "Park". lol

  4. That MTV kiss is still the best. Hands down. They got it. They knew what the fans wanted. And they were dating at the time.


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