Sunday, October 23, 2011

Let the Rob rain fall down...

and wake my dreams...

I love this vid. Rob is so adorable here...and he reminds me a lot of NY NM Rob *claps*.
Also, I think he is comprehending the French. I know he can speak a little. THUD.


  1. It is adorable.

    They both look wonderful...together. ;)

    Why do I suddenly want to watch reruns of Laguna Beach?

  2. Rob, playing Edward a little darker...WELL BRING IT ON!

    Alice has never been explored enough in the movies so I'm hoping, and thinking after hearing Ashley, that we'll finally get more of her.

    I wonder why it's nice to see Rob with Ashley? And then I think, it's because they are just friends, she's someone he can share this movie experience with. There's no personal secrets, just movie memories.
    I can't look at Ashley and not see Alice, so the FF addict in me knows Rob is in good company.

  3. he said he tried to translate a question on his own and came up with "What is your favorite cream?" LOL

    I was gonna make a dirty comment...but for some reason I'm holding back.

    Ah, what the hell? "A little Rob cream is my fav." ::slaps hand:: Bad Naughty...bad bad naughty. ;0p

  4. Is it just me or can any of you see Ashley playing a really phenomenal Bella? I mean like her and Rob look cute together.. not in a 'they could be a RL couple' way but like they could play one and get away with the rocking chemistry.

    Although Kristen plays the down to earth insecure part really well and I just for some reason can't see Ashley playing the "fashion challenged, awkward, new girl" but the "I'm a kick-ass shielding Momma Vamp" she could totally have that in the bag.

  5. I agree Kassie! I just recently read her interview talking about trying out for the role of Bella and thought the same thing.

    Back when The Cosmopolis blog was dreamcasting Eric Packer's wife I suggested Ashley for the role. I think her wigs and makeup have been wonky enough that they could play alongside each other and see 2totally new characters rather than seeing Alice and Edward.

    I think it would be great if they worked again together some day!

  6. That would be perfect kiTT!! Rob with a... what would you characterize JFK's accent? Boston? New England... almost the same. Maaatha's Vinyaaaad lol

  7. Ooh, now I want them to makeout. haha! or maybe I just like watching Rob's mouth move.

    I. would. die. if Rob said things like, "Park the car in the Harvard yard."

    kiTT, you are genius. JFK and Jackie - yes, yes, yes and yes!

  8. and i agree kassie.

    ashley would have played bella the way we kind of expected it, kristen's version threw us (or maybe just me) for a bit of a loop.

  9. Not to crap on Kristen but she did play Bella extra twitchy in Twilight and has slowly grown out of it like how Bella would mature over time. However it is a bit over the top. I think Ashley would have been more consistent, but then we wouldn't get the overwhelming transformation we're expecting in BD2(? depending when the change happens). That's assuming K can pull that off, I think she can.


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