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Breaking Dawn Re-Read Along: The Summaries: Week 6

Today's post is brought to you by the letters B and D and the numbers 11 and 12.  Please enjoy!  (Thanks to http://www.shmoop.com/breaking-dawn/summary.html for the summaries!)

Chapter 11:

  • As Sam assigns each member of the pack someone to fight against in the Cullen family, Jacob realizes he has a choice after all: "I had not been born to kneel to him."
  • Jacob takes his natural position of the Alpha – a position he had conceded to Sam, because he didn't want to be a leader at that time. Sam feels betrayed and accuses him of choosing his enemies over his family. But Jacob ditches the tribe and takes off to warn the Cullens.
  • Jacob is now an Alpha without a pack. But not for long. Seth joins Jacob to protect the Cullens, despite Jacob's desperate attempts to make him go back to the pack. They realize that now that there are two alphas, they can't hear the thoughts of Sam's pack.
  • After Jacob and Seth warn the Cullens of Sam's decision to attack, Seth patrols the perimeter. Jacob sees Bella lying in a hospital bed, connected to an IV. Her condition has obviously worsened.
Chapter 12:

  • Much to their frustration, Leah joins Jacob and Seth. Although she's not fan of vampires, she claims she needs to look after Seth, her younger brother. Plus, she's excited to be away from Sam's pack, because she still suffers from being his "pathetic ex-girlfriend."
  • Leah reveals that Sam plans to first talk to the Quileute tribe elders before launching an attack.
  • At the Cullen house, Carlisle thanks Jacob for protecting their family. He explains to Jacob that Bella is like a daughter to him. He believes that the right thing to do is to respect her decision to have the baby.
  • Carlisle explains that he discovered that the genetic make-up of vampires and humans is more similar than he thought, which made it possible for Bella and Edward to produce a baby.
  • He also reveals to Jacob that the baby is destroying her because her body rejects any form of nutrition to feed the fetus. Jacob muses that the baby probably wants blood instead of food.
  • Hearing Jacob's thoughts, Edward suggests that they try feeding Bella human blood. Since he's a doctor, Carlisle has a large supply of donated blood in the house. Bella takes her first vampire-ish act with humor: "Practice for the future, right?" (12.221).
Can I just say as a first comment I love that the summary says "since Carlisle is a doctor he has a large supply of donated blood in the house."  My aunt is a doctor.  She doesn't keep a large supply in her house.  Haha - I just thought it was funny that was given as the reason, like "well of course he needs blood at home, he's a doctor..."

At any rate, see you in the comments!  

Chapters 13-14 posting on Tuesday.  Have a great rest of the week!!   

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  1. Of course he needs blood at home... he is a doctor. Duh what doctor doesn't have a supply of O blood at their home?

    What I really like about these chapters is the separation from the pack... Jake finally taking that step in the role of Alpha... I really don't understand why he was fighting it so hard. Sure Sam was leader before Jake transformed but once he went through it he should have taken his place as leader, it's his birth right.

    I love the banter with Seth and even Leah when she shows up on the scene. There are a lot of little things I missed the first time through bc I was rushing to get to the good stuff aka Bella's POV.

    I hope they play up the connection Seth has with Edward and the Cullen's especially at the wedding. And I have a great vision in my head when Jake and Seth show up to the Cullen house thinking "We come in peace." then Edward flanked by Emmett and Jasper on the porch with them getting all hissy bc Edward is only giving them half the conversation so they think Jake and Seth came to kill Bella.

    Oh and when Edward is in Jake's head and overhears him thinking about the baby sucking the life out of Bella taking all of her blood/only wanting what Vampires want and then Edward having the epiphany about Bella drinking blood but still being all broody bc it's "monstrous" and "repulsive". Then the whole silent conversation about Rosalie wanting Bella's baby, like she's hoping Bella will not survive the birth so Rosalie can have the baby... I'm not a huge Rosalie fan but I just don't see it. Jake and Edward are so adamant that it's the truth, but I feel she genuinely comes to care for Bella during the whole pregnancy, we just don't get to see all the time they've spent together bonding.


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