Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's time! It's time!

Let promo season begin!  We're all very excited for Rob-vember, but these last couple of weeks of R-oct-obert are going to be a bit of a downpour after the recent Rob-draughts that we've been dying to get out of...

...Rob left LAX to head to Paris this weekend and for the first time in a while he wasn't wearing a hat...the half hair is gone :-D Not that it wasn't cute for a few days, but I feel like, for me, it got old, quick...and this WFE-esque length looks really good on does the sex does...well, you get the point...


Then, he arrived in Paris and some fans were lucky enough to get some autographs signed...the beard is disappearing!


And perhaps the biggest news of all?  Dean is back!!  Bodyguard extraordinaire is back in action making sure no one hurts the pretty!


Cannot wait to see what comes out of the Paris event today - starts in about 45 minutes so we should (hopefully) have some clear-er pictures of the goatee...if it survives...what do you guys think?  Will he keep it?

...let the games begin's time, it's time!! *Said in my best Alice voice while bouncing up and down*

Picture Sources: Both Rob pics are from {Robsessed}  Dean pic courtesy of {@LoveTheStew}


  1. Love the beard because I know it's his "down time" look. It makes me happy for him.

    The goatee rocks.

    I love that Dean is a celebrity in his own right. Makes me smile when I see him.

  2. I said it in the email:


    I've so missed the big galoot!

    Is it me or does he look just as rested as our Man?

    How much better can this get ladies? Goatee, sex hair hott Rob and Dean, bodyguard extraordinaire?

    Yeah, not much...unless Dean was guarding my front door while I had a mid day snack on those lips of Rob's.

    Ch***t on a Cracker! I'm gonna explode over here!

  3. I'm glad Dean is back! I love him so much, I have like a gazillion pics of him in NY... he's so freaking tall!

    Time to go into Rob overload!!!

  4. Can I just say I'm glad in this pic to see Dean in his mock turtle neck and vest also? It's like his always outfit unless he's suited-up with Rob. I love his super-spy bodyguard look!

  5. Ethan Hawke only wished he looked that good in a goatee!


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