Saturday, April 13, 2013

365 - Week 14

So Naughty emailed me a week ago and said "am I too late to send you my pics for week 14?"  And I said "nah, not at all I'm gonna do it tomorrow..." and now it's a week later...and here we are...this is week 14...don't be confused.  I'll post week 15 tomorrow.... *mumbles...famous last words...*

Day 91:  Gif of Rob laughing

 photo Laughing-At-The-Bar_zpsa3bc3a7a.gif

 photo giggles_zpsbaf574ae.gif

 photo 1UABgifofRobLaughing_zps998b5f39.gif

Day 92:  BTS/Filming pic/gif from WFE

 photo pissed_zps439cbf74.gif

 photo 29_zpsc2b4f643.jpg

 photo 2UABBehindtheScenesWFE_zps258ce6ce.jpg

Day 93:  Candid pic from 2009

 photo 91mptw_zpsfc5df515.jpg

 photo 3UABrobert-pattinson-candid_zps93095f0d.jpg

 photo RobCandid2009_zps7e0b2061.jpg

Day 94:  Rob pic/gif that reflects your mood

 photo Gif-robert-pattinson-33484267-260-195_zpsc98bb975.gif

 photo 4UABGifthatreflectsyourmood_zps333caf5b.gif

Day 95:  Pic with Christoph Waltz

 photo 5UABRobert-Pattinson-Christoph-Waltz_zps446d6bdb.jpg

 photo RobandChristoph_zps1d9f10ba.jpg 

 photo robchristophwfe_zps067f8368.jpg

Day 96:  Still from WFE

 photo BTSfilmingWFE_zps8da77bbe.jpg

 photo WFEStill_zps2696f8e3.jpg

 photo tumblr_m9hn2gMfuP1rdn16yo1_500_zps20abf101.jpg

Day 97:  Pic of Rob with Tai

 photo 7UABPicOfRobwithTai_zpsd378a685.jpg

 photo robtai_zps51d9f697.jpg 

 photo RobwithTai_zpsf1328340.png

Friday, April 12, 2013

It is time to celebrate!!!!

Happy birthday, Lauren! I hope your day is as Lovely as you are.
XO Lisa

Lauren, you are a year older, a year wiser, *cough*a-month-closer-to-30-than-me*cough*, a year crazier, smarter, cooler, pervier...
It's crazy the amount of way cool things you've gotten to do this past year. I cannot wait to see you in... roughly 75 days squee!!! And we can do some way cool things together with our other Rob h00rs!!
I hope you have gotten everything you've wished for and more this year.
Happy Birthday Q! You're the best pervy twin a girl could ask for!

Happy Birthday Lauren!
I'm sending you some WFE Rob memories. These memories are filled with meeting our precious Rob and also our precious Lauren. I got a two for one on that trip. Lucky me, lucky us because we now have your charm and expertise included in our little twirl world.
Have a great day sweet girl.

Who doesn't want a bunch of mostly naked men for their birthday?! I suppose if you have a problem with them, the rest of us h00rs will just have to take them off your hands, right girls? LOL!
Have a fantastic day. Don't forget to play the "It's my birthday" card as often as possible.
Have fun.
Be safe.
Party like a rockstar.
PS...Because I don't want to forget what brought us together, I threw in some scruffy Rob, too. *sigh* You can never have too much Scruffy Rob.


Happy Birthday Lauren, our amazing techy wiz! Thank you for being a wonderful friend. I cannot wait to see you in June and give you a big old smooshy hug!
Love you!


Lauren, Q, Laureate, baby...
Naughty sent me to wish you a Happy Birthday!
She wanted me to tell you
She feels unbelievably blessed that you 
are her partner in crime, grammar Nazi,
the other half of her pervy brain.

Without you and a little motivation, 
She wouldn't be writing

Because of you, I would not be here.
So, here's a little somethin' somethin' 

(let's not tell Bella... capiche?)
I figured you deserved it...
Happy Birthday! Love, E

Damn it, Edward...I leave you alone for 2 seconds and you're getting NAKED!!!
*shakes fist*

He's right, Lauren! You are a god send!
I don't know if I could do any of this without you!
Get ready for that tackle hug!
It's waiting for you...

May your birthday be spectacular,
because your birth is definitely something to celebrate!
Love, Naughty xoxo


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

365 Days - Week 13

This week's delay was purposeful...we had birthdays to celebrate when I would "normally" post the weeks pic(k) here we are instead...enjoy the pretty:

Day 84:  Rob with his high beams on

 photo 1UABHighBeams_zps13fafbe9.jpg
boy is good at hiding these....there aren't that many pics that fit this...

Day 85:  Favorite black and white pic of Rob

 photo Robert-Pattinson-Black-and-White-Background-HD-Wallpaper_zps5e73ccf5.jpg 

 photo 2UABBlackAndWhite_zpsc4ac4fe7.jpg

Day 86:  Rob with Bear

 photo Robert-Pattinson-Around-The-Block-with-Bear-zac-efron-vs-robert-pattinson-23912126-867-1222_zps38514e76.jpg 
Best canine friend and best human sweet! 

 photo 0_zpsee30399e.jpg 
the look he gets whenever he talks about Bear....

 photo 3UABRobWithBear_zpsd9902700.jpg
So adorable...just out for a walk..

Day 87:  Pic/Gif that reflects your mood

 photo 4UABFReflectsMyMood_zps31ce988e.gif
I think this is fairly self-explanatory...

Day 88:  Fave pic of Rob in the UK

 photo 5UABRobUK_zpse63a7e50.jpg

 photo Water-for-Elephants-London-Premiere-robert-pattinson-23716334-2560-1920_zps8f4ccdc5.jpg
I couldn't pick just one...but WFE promo (everywhere) was some of my favorite promo of Rob's...and this black on black look is really doing it for me....

Day 89:  Fave pic of Rob in a beanie

 photo RPattz-7_zpsbca6c570.jpg
He sits like I do in chairs...

 photo robert-pattinson-gallery_zpse4c82e98.png 
I picked this one for Lisa...I know how she feels about this picture and our man with a guitar...

 photo 6UABBeaniePic_zpsd63480b3.jpg

 photo planet-hollywood-5_zpsdaae75c0.jpg
One of my fave pics...of all time...

Day 90:  Favorite soundtrack

 photo images_zps228de982.jpg
My personal fave...hauntingly beautiful and I could listen to it on repeat...I mean, sometimes I really do...for days at a time...

 photo 7UABFaveSoundtrack_zps239cd630.jpg 
UAB's pic(k):  Twilight as it features our man singing...this pic is from the Director's Notebook of Rob recording for the soundtrack

Because you can't ask for a favorite Rob soundtrack without actually hearing the man beautiful....

Thanks again to Robsessed for the inspiration and categories!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Birthday, Naughty!!

Happy birthday to our fabulous Naughty HisBella!!!  My awesome writing partner for A Little Motivation and one third of the Pervsketeers writing and beta team.  A wonderful friend and confidant.  My favorite tackle-hug ever!  I hope you have a wonderful birthday and enjoy some you time!!!

The girls and I would like to say a little happy birthday to you...


From kitt:

 photo HB_Birthday_2013_zps605691f9.jpg


From UAB:

 photo NaughtyBirthday_zps443feb37.jpg

Happy Birthday to my other half of the Marie twins!   Thank you for being there when I needed you.  You are one of my dearest friends and I love ya girl!!!!  Here's to another year of Rob perving!
Love, UAB 


From SassyKassie:

 photo NHBBirthday_zps8fa6d234.jpg

Happy Birthday Naughty! Thank you for everything you do, including letting me live in a fantasy world where I get to have Channing Tatum for my very own! Oops I mean Tatum Channing! You are the best! I hope you have an amazing birthday, you deserve it! I love ya and I can't wait to see you again! Love Athos aka Continuity Expert aka Sassy!


From Fran:

 photo naughtybirthdayfran1_zps6f5a85fe.jpg
 photo naughtybirthdayfran2_zps186117ed.jpg


From 17ForeverLisa:

HB, put on your shitkickers, grab some Grey Goose,
and have a Vishous good time on your birthday!



From Q:

 photo cosmony1editfornaughty_zps132acb91.jpg

Naughty, have a wonderful birthday, my friend!!  Thank you for all that you do and everything you are...awesome friend...amazing beta...wonderful writing partner...fantastic author that lets me beta for you...I love you and can't wait to see you!!!!   I'll be expecting another tackle-hug come June :)