Wednesday, April 3, 2013

365 Days - Week 13

This week's delay was purposeful...we had birthdays to celebrate when I would "normally" post the weeks pic(k) here we are instead...enjoy the pretty:

Day 84:  Rob with his high beams on

 photo 1UABHighBeams_zps13fafbe9.jpg
boy is good at hiding these....there aren't that many pics that fit this...

Day 85:  Favorite black and white pic of Rob

 photo Robert-Pattinson-Black-and-White-Background-HD-Wallpaper_zps5e73ccf5.jpg 

 photo 2UABBlackAndWhite_zpsc4ac4fe7.jpg

Day 86:  Rob with Bear

 photo Robert-Pattinson-Around-The-Block-with-Bear-zac-efron-vs-robert-pattinson-23912126-867-1222_zps38514e76.jpg 
Best canine friend and best human sweet! 

 photo 0_zpsee30399e.jpg 
the look he gets whenever he talks about Bear....

 photo 3UABRobWithBear_zpsd9902700.jpg
So adorable...just out for a walk..

Day 87:  Pic/Gif that reflects your mood

 photo 4UABFReflectsMyMood_zps31ce988e.gif
I think this is fairly self-explanatory...

Day 88:  Fave pic of Rob in the UK

 photo 5UABRobUK_zpse63a7e50.jpg

 photo Water-for-Elephants-London-Premiere-robert-pattinson-23716334-2560-1920_zps8f4ccdc5.jpg
I couldn't pick just one...but WFE promo (everywhere) was some of my favorite promo of Rob's...and this black on black look is really doing it for me....

Day 89:  Fave pic of Rob in a beanie

 photo RPattz-7_zpsbca6c570.jpg
He sits like I do in chairs...

 photo robert-pattinson-gallery_zpse4c82e98.png 
I picked this one for Lisa...I know how she feels about this picture and our man with a guitar...

 photo 6UABBeaniePic_zpsd63480b3.jpg

 photo planet-hollywood-5_zpsdaae75c0.jpg
One of my fave pics...of all time...

Day 90:  Favorite soundtrack

 photo images_zps228de982.jpg
My personal fave...hauntingly beautiful and I could listen to it on repeat...I mean, sometimes I really do...for days at a time...

 photo 7UABFaveSoundtrack_zps239cd630.jpg 
UAB's pic(k):  Twilight as it features our man singing...this pic is from the Director's Notebook of Rob recording for the soundtrack

Because you can't ask for a favorite Rob soundtrack without actually hearing the man beautiful....

Thanks again to Robsessed for the inspiration and categories!!

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