Saturday, April 13, 2013

365 - Week 14

So Naughty emailed me a week ago and said "am I too late to send you my pics for week 14?"  And I said "nah, not at all I'm gonna do it tomorrow..." and now it's a week later...and here we are...this is week 14...don't be confused.  I'll post week 15 tomorrow.... *mumbles...famous last words...*

Day 91:  Gif of Rob laughing

 photo Laughing-At-The-Bar_zpsa3bc3a7a.gif

 photo giggles_zpsbaf574ae.gif

 photo 1UABgifofRobLaughing_zps998b5f39.gif

Day 92:  BTS/Filming pic/gif from WFE

 photo pissed_zps439cbf74.gif

 photo 29_zpsc2b4f643.jpg

 photo 2UABBehindtheScenesWFE_zps258ce6ce.jpg

Day 93:  Candid pic from 2009

 photo 91mptw_zpsfc5df515.jpg

 photo 3UABrobert-pattinson-candid_zps93095f0d.jpg

 photo RobCandid2009_zps7e0b2061.jpg

Day 94:  Rob pic/gif that reflects your mood

 photo Gif-robert-pattinson-33484267-260-195_zpsc98bb975.gif

 photo 4UABGifthatreflectsyourmood_zps333caf5b.gif

Day 95:  Pic with Christoph Waltz

 photo 5UABRobert-Pattinson-Christoph-Waltz_zps446d6bdb.jpg

 photo RobandChristoph_zps1d9f10ba.jpg 

 photo robchristophwfe_zps067f8368.jpg

Day 96:  Still from WFE

 photo BTSfilmingWFE_zps8da77bbe.jpg

 photo WFEStill_zps2696f8e3.jpg

 photo tumblr_m9hn2gMfuP1rdn16yo1_500_zps20abf101.jpg

Day 97:  Pic of Rob with Tai

 photo 7UABPicOfRobwithTai_zpsd378a685.jpg

 photo robtai_zps51d9f697.jpg 

 photo RobwithTai_zpsf1328340.png

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