Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Birthday, Rob!!!


In the past several years we've made a habit of sending birthday wishes your way.  We wouldn't want to break tradition this please read on for some special words from the ladies here at 12months of Rob.


I wish you a year of success and happiness in whatever form that takes.  I wish you movies and projects that you truly want to do and I promise to buy tickets to see each and every one of them - whether they play near me or not.  I cannot wait to see you take on more and more challenging roles and new and interesting characters.  I look forward to you work with other amazing actors and directors.

I wish you a year of doing what you love...making music, traveling, spending time with family...whatever it may be.  Can I just ask one small thing?  Share some of your music, someday.  When you feel it comfortable for you to do so.  We so love your voice and wish to hear so much more of it.

Most of all I wish you time.  Time to just be.  Time to just relax and spend time being 27.  Time to read or listen to new music or write screenplays, or whatever else it may be.  Please take time for you so that you can always be the you that we love.

Thank you for an amazing year of being your fan and I look forward to many, many more.
Happy Birthday!!



Happy birthday Rob!! If I could wish for one thing for you this year it would be more privacy, because one thing we know you could never have enough of is that. In this past year you have given your fans so much, we are as always going to be around supporting you, and it will be no different on your birthday. I mean after all your birth is definitely something to celebrate.



Dear Rob,

I couldn't let your birthday go by without sending you some good wishes.
My first wish is that you continue to pursue roles which inspire, excite, and challenge you.
Also, I hope you find value and success in your artistic goals. But my warmest wishes
are for your personal well being. Now that the Twilight whirlwind has ended I wish you some
peace and solitude that you so cherish. May you find personal growth and harmony in love, friendship and
family unity. I know you want nothing more than to be left alone in your personal world and seek only
to entertain and enlighten people with your body of work. I hope you find that perfect balance between your private and professional life.

Happy Birthday Rob!


Even though you are completely unaware, you make me smile every day. My wish for you is to be surrounded by people who make YOU smile.

Happy birthday, Rob!



Happy Birthday, Rob!  We hope it's wonderful and everything you could want. 

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