Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Fran!!!!

Today is another VERY SPECIAL day here at 12 Months of Rob!! We have some very special messages for one very special birthday girl!!!



So happy to be celebrating another birthday with you. My life would have a supermassive black hole in it without you. Just sayin'

Happy birthday! Hope it's a home run :)

Love, Lisa
For your birthday, I give you Cannes Rob with a little David Cronenberg. Why? Because Rob will be celebrating your birthdays (yours and his) with a return trip this year to Cannes!! Get ready for some new hot-ness this week!!

Now, on to the birthday wishes...
Thank you for the fanfic recommendations that have never led me astray of a good story.
Thank you for being my fellow teacher sounding board when this crazy profession gets nuts.
Thank you for always reminding us of EP Edward... he really is one of my favorites.
Thank you for your hilarious comments and your emails that always make me laugh.
Thank you for always "Fran-sizing" the pictures we all send back and forth.
Thank you for the constant advice on life and all things that I need.
But mostly, thank you for being such a wonderful friend and I cannot wait to see you soon!!!
Love always, 


Fran, you know I couldn't possibly not attach a dirty message...I gotta be me! LOL!!

Have a lovely birthday, doll. I'm so glad I've gotten to know you! It's so wonderful knowing that you're out there, perving just as hard as I am, all the while being a respectable member of society  (((HUGS))) Here's to letting your inner perv out!!



Happy friggin' birthday, Madrina! 
Love, Naughty


What can I say that hasn't already been said. I love you lots and can't wait to make more memories with you and our girls in June! You're the best and deserve nothing but the best in return, and one thing we can all agree on is.. White Shirt Rob is one of the best things out there! I hope you have the best birthday this year! I love ya and can't wait to see you in June!!
Love, Kassie


Happy Birthday Fran!
This last week I have spent hours listening to you read EP to me, so of course I had to do an EP themed birthday greeting!!!! You are an amazing person and friend! You bring so much wonderful insight to our group and you alwasy have a sympathetic ear. I am very lucky to have you as a friend!!!! I cannot wait to tackle hug you in June! Have an amazing birthday today!
Love you!


  1. My girls have gotten me to actually look forward to my birthday. I'm giggle snorting over here. Your words made my heart happy too.
    Dani, please keep those dirty words "coming" because in my dreams I'd
    totally blow THAT candle so goooood.
    Lisa, you've gotten most of my words and own my heart already so all I'll say is Supermassive Black Hole helped the day by hitting that home run already.
    Lauren, Cannes Rob, your perfect words and those white shirts FTW!
    Kassie, just the right amount of sassy. Thank you sweet girl.
    HB, you gave me just the right amount of naughty. xo
    kiTT, my favorite boy and he's studying up on my other boy. Nice.
    UAB, I love you and will always want to Emmett hug you for just being there for me, sempre...
    Thank you my sweet girls. You've already made my birthday truly special and I haven't even started my day.

  2. These are always so fun. Love seeing everyone's creativity.

    HB, you have me curious about the "real" head (twss) that belongs to that gorgeous body.

    kiTT, that's brilliant and ties into the background on the blog too.

  3. Happy Birthday, Fran!!!! May your RobWishes and RobDreams come true today!

    How funny is it that Naughty has less naughty pics than Dani? Hmm...

    You all are too sweet!

  4. RP,
    my pic is the naked one, although he did asked her to blow him... o.O

  5. Thanks RP for stopping by with your birthday wishes. And please don't encourage HB, she's Naughty

  6. Lisa, I love the way you displayed MAY in the banner. Goes without saying
    I love how you displayed Rob in it too! Beautiful.


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