Sunday, May 25, 2014

It's a Special Day at 12 Months of Rob...and it's extra sassy!

  On this day in History...  

1977: the first Star Wars movie was released...

1986: Hands Across America took place...

It is, also, National Tap Dance Day
Wow...look at those feet go!

and in honor of Douglas Adams, British (we love british things!) author of "A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy",

Towel Day...

Humina, Humina

More importantly, Today is special to us girls at 12 Months because...

It’s SassyKassie’s Birthday!!!


We’re really excited!




Happy Birthday to my Sports loving, Sassy-Pants Wearing, Robert Pattinson ogling friend!

I hope your day is filled with the things you love!

(This is totally how I see Sassy Kassie as a little girl!)
Have fun!
Be safe!
Party like a Rockstar!
Love, Dani



They say that friends are like stars, (and I'll add like Rob too.)
You many not always see them, but they are always there.
Thank you for always being there for me, for the fun times, and for always sharing,
caring, and for valuing who I am.
Your birthday is worth celebrating, so do it, have a blast.
I love you!



"Who's this douche that thinks he's going to win over Kassie with flowers?"




Happy birthday twin!  I love you and I hope you have a wonderful birthday.  You deserve all the happiness in the world, and if I can't give you all of it, and I can't really give you Rob, I figure this was the next best thing.  I love you!!  You're the bestest!!!  Have a fantastic day!!!!




"’s Kassie’s birthday???"


"Party ON!!!!"


I know, right?!?!?!

Kassie,  The Boys are excited!
From Jensen, Rob and Me...Happy Birthday!!
You are a wonderful friend, the best continuity expert ever, and an awesome woman!!
We bonded at WFE and never looked back.
You've been my fic dealer when I needed a fix.
You share my love of all things RobP0rn.
You get my crazy hours!
I Thank God for having you in my life.
I wish you nothing but the BEST!!!

Right, Rob??


I Love You!  Naughty


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Happy birthday to one of the best Twi-BFF's I could ever have!  
I'm looking forward to another year of Rob/Twi adventures!


From ALL of Us 12 Month Girls,
to Our SassyKassie!
We hope you have a wonderful day!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Birthday to our Lovely Madrina!!!!

Fran, Tesoro, Madrina....we love you and hope you have an fantastic birthday.  You get to share (almost) the special time with our favorite I figured you'd enjoy a little visit from a very sexy vampire...

...and he's all dressed up for your special day :)

And he has a special message for you:

I hope you have a wonderful day and get to have some time to enjoy all of our favorites and some "you" time :)  You deserve all the best.  <3 you!!! 


Happy Birthday, Madrina!! (AKA Bella Tesoro)
I wish you a beautiful day with your guys.  I know they will treat you as the "treasure" you are.  I am so happy this little group of ours brought you into my life. Without you, I wouldn't be "Naughty".   You know how I feel about you.  Thank you for the advice, the pep talks and just being you.  I couldn't have a better partner in my Henry love!  
I Love You,
Naughty HB


"I turn 28 and I get bumped from having the spot on Fran's annual birthday card?"

"Ohh man, that's rough, dude." 



Fran, hope your birthday is as fabulous as you are!  I treasure your friendship.

Love, UAB


Fran, you are the sweetest most caring person I've ever met. We have Rob to thank for getting our crazy asses together! I hope you got everything you wished for and more today, you deserve it. I'm so grateful to have you as a second mom. I love you more than Rob loves quirky photo shoots, and we know he looooves those!

Happy Birthday
Love and hugs!!


Enough with the stress, capishe?!
My birthday wish is for you to have a day to just fucking be.
My birthday gift is to tell you that while listening to Sempre Redemption,
I knew that Khar had to have been inspired by this photo for this moment,
a moment that had me crying. Shocker, I know.
I'll just let that sink in ;)

Happy birthday, Fran!

Love, Lisa


We love you Madrina!!!  You are our voice of reason and all of our always keep us in your thoughts and today, we're thinking about you and your fabulous deserve all the best!!!  

Love always, your 12months girls :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Birthday, Rob!!!

Just wanted to spend a little time saying Happy 28th Birthday to one Mr. Robert Pattinson.  He's the reason we're all here and that we've all come together.  Here's to another AMAZING year from our favorite - Cannes, more filming, promo tours, and all the things that make us love him!!!  Let's celebrate!!!!