Friday, April 12, 2013

It is time to celebrate!!!!

Happy birthday, Lauren! I hope your day is as Lovely as you are.
XO Lisa

Lauren, you are a year older, a year wiser, *cough*a-month-closer-to-30-than-me*cough*, a year crazier, smarter, cooler, pervier...
It's crazy the amount of way cool things you've gotten to do this past year. I cannot wait to see you in... roughly 75 days squee!!! And we can do some way cool things together with our other Rob h00rs!!
I hope you have gotten everything you've wished for and more this year.
Happy Birthday Q! You're the best pervy twin a girl could ask for!

Happy Birthday Lauren!
I'm sending you some WFE Rob memories. These memories are filled with meeting our precious Rob and also our precious Lauren. I got a two for one on that trip. Lucky me, lucky us because we now have your charm and expertise included in our little twirl world.
Have a great day sweet girl.

Who doesn't want a bunch of mostly naked men for their birthday?! I suppose if you have a problem with them, the rest of us h00rs will just have to take them off your hands, right girls? LOL!
Have a fantastic day. Don't forget to play the "It's my birthday" card as often as possible.
Have fun.
Be safe.
Party like a rockstar.
PS...Because I don't want to forget what brought us together, I threw in some scruffy Rob, too. *sigh* You can never have too much Scruffy Rob.


Happy Birthday Lauren, our amazing techy wiz! Thank you for being a wonderful friend. I cannot wait to see you in June and give you a big old smooshy hug!
Love you!


Lauren, Q, Laureate, baby...
Naughty sent me to wish you a Happy Birthday!
She wanted me to tell you
She feels unbelievably blessed that you 
are her partner in crime, grammar Nazi,
the other half of her pervy brain.

Without you and a little motivation, 
She wouldn't be writing

Because of you, I would not be here.
So, here's a little somethin' somethin' 

(let's not tell Bella... capiche?)
I figured you deserved it...
Happy Birthday! Love, E

Damn it, Edward...I leave you alone for 2 seconds and you're getting NAKED!!!
*shakes fist*

He's right, Lauren! You are a god send!
I don't know if I could do any of this without you!
Get ready for that tackle hug!
It's waiting for you...

May your birthday be spectacular,
because your birth is definitely something to celebrate!
Love, Naughty xoxo


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