Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It Will Rain Fan video

Love this!


  1. love this, minus the dog. ;)

    also love how the car window cuts robward's jawline just so (BD honeymoon drive).

    New Moon Italy = swoon
    Gazebo = pitter patter

    xoxox thanks

    really dig this song.

  2. I really do love this song....like a lot....

  3. The song is so beautiful! And once again, a fan takes clips and out does Summit.
    I agree Meg, I could have done with a little less dog, but he's a big part of BD part 1 so we've got to take the good with the bad.
    I saw a few clips I'd never seen. Need to look again.
    I think I saw some part where Emmett is holding Jake back? A first for me.

  4. #SAP alert...

    The song is beautiful on its own. But set to footage from the saga? Um. Yeah. It made me cry. So beautiful.

    I know that even the scenes between Bella and Jacob will get to me. Those two have a true friendship that just plays out on screen. Why oh why does it have to be Taylor wearing our beloved white shirt though? Damn.

  5. Robsessed posted this video this morning during their Saturday showcase...my god. Why can't I be this creative? This was awesome!

    I'm addicted in a new way to this song.

  6. This song would have been great in Twilight when Bella was in the hospital (Bella's POV) or in New Moon.

    Allow me the room to roam over to my very favorite FFs with it.

    This song would be fantastic for the stories of:

    University of Edward Masen
    Master of the Universe

    At some point all of these Edwards expressed how desperate they felt not to lose Bella.

  7. I agree kiTT. I especially think the lines he talks about him not being her mother and father's favorite...but that he'd prove himself...fit all those Edwards too.
    That's why although, there's some Jacob loss here, I'm feeling more Edward.

    So tell me if this was bad:
    For "Fun Friday" in my class last week, I brought this video in and let the kids see/hear it. Only those interested, (everyone gets to pick stations in the class to engage in for fun friday) and most everyone picked the laptop station for Twilight Talk. This week, they asked if they could see what they called the Bruno Mars song again, and I of course said yes because I can't get enough of it. The kids, were singing the dam words to the song!!! I can't get them to memorize their times tables and here they are singing Bruno Mars's yet to be released song. Freaking kids are going to give me whip lash.


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