Saturday, October 29, 2011

Libenet Video

Here goes. I'm christening the blog with the first Robsten video :)

I especially love the subtitles. I didn't realize that's what Ashley asked him (end of video) that made him laugh like that. The lines are definitely blurred.

And you gotta love the note the fan gave him while he was signing autographs.


  1. I didn't realize that was what Ashley had asked either....too adorable.

    I'm really ok with this here even if I'm not the world's biggest Kristen fan in and of herself, I've said it before - I am a Rob fan and I want him to be happy and if she makes him happy then I'm happy for them. Does that make sense?

    Love the video as well - found great shots to use, for sure!!

  2. Whether they are or aren't a couple (pfft they totally are!) I just care that the both of them are happy. I feel with as much time as we spend talking about them individually and as a possible couple that they are close people in my life (not in a weird stalker way... okay maybe a little) and I want for them what I want for my friends happy healthy relationships. If they love each other (pfft they totally do!) and are together then I'm happy. If they are just friends and really close and are happy then I'm still happy.

    Would I love it if I had Rob in my life and we were in a relationship and he made me happy and I made him that happy.. my world would be perfect. So I guess I'll just be a whateversten :)

  3. this was really sweet, glad i watched it. he is so happy with her and that makes me smile. like kassie said, that is something i wish for everyone to experience in their lifetime.

    they are getting really lax about their relationship, it must he hard trying to keep that love under wraps.

  4. Well said Meg, and I must imagine its hard to keep anything truly under wraps like that when you want to be happy for each other and whatnot. I'm sure theres some less "people are going to think that were doing this for publicity" now too. You've got to figure some fear in admitting it when the saga was first starting but the fact that they have kept it low key for so long now kills that idea from the haters out there....its probably "safer" for them to be a little more lax now, but still not flaunt it, you know?

  5. So many revealing things in this video. First was the girl yelling out, that Kristen was the luckiest girl. Now there's a truth.
    His giggles are the best, right?! When he tried to hide his reaction to that shout out. And then his saying that the man who married them was a real priest so in the eyes of the church they are really married. And from Kristen's interviews, it sounds like that's enough for them, the piece of paper doesn't mean anything to them. They are, at least during this time in their lives "married" meaning in love, the one that makes you feel it's special above all others, your secret. They have their own little bubble, I'm hoping it will never burst.
    And the whisper to Ashley about them really being married and he said,... "that's really true" and she said and how you kept mixing up using Kristen's name... They are so in love and everyone knows it. I'm more than fine with it. I agree with the girl who shouted out that Kristen is the luckiest girl in the world.
    (I still can't view this on here, had to go to youtube)
    Thanks Lisa, Robsten makes my heart hurt, in a good way.

  6. Nice video...all I can say is...
    People need to let them be. Whether you think they are a couple or not, our opinions or even our wants do not matter. Why not just be happy that they are both happy and that someone loves them. There are too many people in the world that don't have love in their lives.


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