Friday, September 30, 2011

Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

I am so totally looking forward to Rob-vember.  I am. I really should be focusing on the greatness that we will witness in the next couple of months--however, me being the pessimist that I am, I just can't help but think about all the things that I am missing out on, and how it sucks ass.
Maybe I'll see this sign SOMEDAY in person.

1.  I am not in Forks this weekend with all the other Twilighters.
I hope that this does not mean that I am not a true Twi-hard--because I think I rank right up there with the lucky ones that ARE in Forks.  I just had a little trouble coming up with a legitimate reason why I should spend $1200 on airfare and lodging while leaving my 2 small children to go and drunkenly cavort under near constant cloud cover with complete strangers in the Pacific Northwest.  I don't sounded totally do-able when I explained it this way to Hubs.  I can't understand his reluctance.

2.  I can't go to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn with my fellow bloggers.
Yep. I'm odd man out.  I am totally blaming them and their geographical inadequacies.  WHY can't they ALL relocate south of the Mason-Dixon?  I just don't get it.  I live in God's country.  Don't they understand this?  I need them closer.

3.  Adele is not on the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack.
This, my friends, is a grave mistake.  Why was I not asked who should be on the soundtrack? Do the soundtrack planners not know that I am an expert-music-picker-outer? (y'all know that's a real title, here in Mississippi...) Adele is an obvious perfect choice.  Just ask Meg.  She'll agree with me.
Yes, Miss Adele.  I don't get it either.

4.  My Robporn stash is becoming seriously deficient. 
While I'm bitching, I just thought I'd throw that one in--in case anyone would like to take pity on me and send me some.  This is really all my fault, I decided to take a technology break in August, and my Rob file has taken a hit.  I NEED ROBPORN.  Please?  Anyone?

My Mama always taught me to see the glass as half full.  So, I thought instead of boring all of you with my bitching and belly-aching, I'd try to see the upside in all of this.

1.  I have THE GREATEST FRIENDS in this fandom.  (And, no, this is not to butter y'all up so you'll send me RobPorn...)
Even if I don't get to go see BD with them, I know that we will still be squealing like teenage girls over the "good parts", because y'all know we will be making mental notes throughout that whole movie.

2.  One day I WILL attend a function where Meg will be--I just know it!!!
*cue stalker music*

3. Rob makes it all better.
See there?  Don't you feel better?  I know I do!

Here's to Rob-vember!!!


  1. Jen can't say that I feel better, but knowing I'm not alone with my want and need to be in Forks or later at the BD movie does make feel less lonely.
    But I'll do what I do best, I'll cheer everyone else on and be happy for them.
    We'll Skype the party at Naughty's house and hopefully they send us t-shirts so we can join in the fun. I know they will, like you said, they are the greatest friends.
    Super sweet post! I especially loved the little girls on the water. I bet they're at LaPush!

  2. I had an amazing comment but blogger ate it! Son of a bee!! Here are the highlights...
    WE will get to Forks one day, the people there now can suck it we're cooler!
    I don't have much Robporn to share my two laptops crashed... probably from too much Robporn. Never enough for me but more than enough for them.
    You and Meg will get together one day. I'm sure it will involve some sort of Thelma and Louise style running on the lamb ;)
    We have each other through blogging, email, skype, phone calls, texts. Even though we can't be together together it makes me all tingly on the inside to know we're all there for each other in any way we can be.

    And that is apparently the abridged version. Wouldn't you hate to know what the original said?

  3. I'm ready to go to Forks too. And not even so much for the Twilight but everyone just has always said how beautiful and peaceful it is.

    I hope my next literary obsession is set somewhere on the East Coast--the Hamptons (if only I enjoyed James Patterson books more) or in Salem, Massachusetts or a sleepy beach town. We need a hot supernatural being that gives off a glow in the fog and stays camouflaged by sunlight so he hangs out on the beach a lot, surfs, and looks hot in board shorts. gwis?

    Jen do you follow 'Thinking of Rob'? They are great for Robp0rn!

  4. I love you, darlin. I can't even really think about the fact that we won't be together for BD. It's a tragedy.
    I'm holding out hope for something, been praying for a lot of miracles these days. God owes me a bone or two, imho. One day, when the kids are older, we'll meet in Florida for a week, sit by the pool with some hard alcohol, and read fan fiction all day and night.

    Also, you can stalk me any day and twice on Sunday. I left a ladder outside my window.

    @Kassie - it will sooo be thelma and louise-esque. lol

    Rob REALLY needs to do another photo shoot! I mean, c'mon! Hook a sista up, GQ!

    SM must have lost my phone number about the soundtrack. I don't get it, she said she would call when I gave her that mixed tape.

  5. Don't hit me! I don't want to go to Forks. If I can't go with all of my girls, I'm not going.

    Jen, if you can find me & my Hubs some jobs, I'll gladly move south of the Mason-Dixon. Warmer and better food.

    What pics are you looking for? I have like 1800. Yes, 1800 pics. I think that's what killed the other laptop. LMAO I will gladly send you anything. You want new ones? You want specific shoots? You want random and then if you have it you can just delete it?

    I want to hook you up girl!

    You will definitely get to spend some time with Meg! Don't sweat it. RL gets in the way but when it's right, it'll be right.

  6. can i just say i miss the days of 20 dirty questions on twitter. sigh.


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