Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Did you here the "Come On" audio clip? Edward says it at the very end of the trailer.

Also, I watched the Emmett blocking Jake gif way too many times.

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  1. I love the audio clips - I had them playing on repeat last night :)

  2. Gah...i'm totally changing my ring tone on my phone to "You've Given Me NO Choice!"

    I love the way he says "I, Edward Cullen, take you Bella Swan."

  3. You had me at Come On. I'd go anywhere with you, Edward. ;)

  4. not only do I love Emmett stopping Jake in that gif (I also watched several times) but I love the intensity of Edward. He's standing there brewing and stewing. (<---LOL) This is the scene from which he yells about 'choice' Hell he could be yelling at Carlisle even. You see Carlisle there. End of New Moon Edward held it together with Carlisle, "Why are you doing this to me?" during the vote but maybe Edward has finally had it up to here with Carlisle and it is sort of an 'I told you so!'

    thinking of all this is way easier than thinking of what to have for dinner, btw.

  5. I can't stop listening to the clips! Ahhhh Angryward the things you do to me!!

  6. HB _ I still want to change my ringtone to "But I did fuck ya" but that wouldn't be cool if I forgot to shut my ringer off at school! LOL


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