Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Planning Stages - BD Re-Read Along

Alright ladies - with the excitement of the release of the trailer, the consensus is that we want a re-read of Breaking Dawn before the movie comes out. Couple of questions to consider before we decide how to work this:

1. Do we want to read all of Breaking Dawn or just up to the "birth" which is what will be covered in the first movie?

2. The movie comes out at the end of the 9th week from now (if we start counting say, Sunday). Should we plan on starting this week coming up?

3. Do we want to just pull summaries from online somewhere (to save having to take the time to write them) and we can just comment? Or would we rather all (those of us participating) just take a chapter set or 2 and write up quick summaries since we've all read the books before?

Facts to note: Approximately 9 weeks. There are 39 chapters. If we are reading the whole book, that will leave approximately 5 chapters a week (with a short list left for the last week since it's a short week) if we read the whole book. If we do up through the birth, we're looking at 18 chapters (to get through the first 2 books - Bella and Jacob) which would leave us about 2 chapters a week. The chapters are pretty easy/short and we've all read this once before so we wouldn't need to be a "thorough" as perhaps with a new story read through. Please put thoughts below and we'll try to decide by say, Friday/Saturday what people want to do and then we can start on say Sunday with reading.

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  1. No, please, no long summaries. EP ones did me in. Let's just chat and discuss. Let it flow like we do in our emails. Yes?
    1. I say read up to birth for sure to discuss before the movie and if anyone wants to keep going, great.
    2.I'm ok with starting this week.
    3.5 chapters a week might not be doable for we workers and those of us who have other things to read and do.
    I of course am open to anything. These are just my off the cuff responses because I know I'll be tied up tomorrow.
    I'm good with whatever you all decide. Except for the long ass reviews!!

  2. Tesoro, I was kind of thinking up to the birth would be best for our timeframe (and if people read faster they can read ahead) but we can plan on having 2 chapters a week done (that's pretty do-able I would think - especially since it's been read once) and comment on what's going on in those chapters - and maybe even what we hope to see from those chapters on film?

  3. That sounds very good to me. Let's see what the others think.

  4. I agree with just reading up until the end of book 2-Jacob. That fits better into our time frame and fits more appropriately with the content of the movie.

    I did set up the chat on the blog, but the only problem is we may not be able to be on there at the same time. We could set up a time each week to discuss the 2 chapters that week on the chat feature - then if anyone cannot make it that week, they can leave comments. I think the summaries (if any) should be minimal. Just give the gist of the 2 chapters.

  5. Yeah, definitely - I think we can put up a summary (even if we find a short one online and borrow it) just so people know where we've stopped in case they've continued on ahead or something. I'm definitely thinking 2 chapters per week is enough for at least some (if not all) of us with how busy we all are :)

  6. up to the birth sounds good. 2 chapters per week. summaries online. i'm in.

  7. Meg I agree with everything you said!

  8. Up to the birth, 2 chappies per week, summaries. Possible to maybe check in here/email and say "Hey, ladies! R u available to maybe discuss chap. 1-4 on Friday night at 8 central?"

    Then, we don't have to set a schedule, just maybe do it when everyone can. Also, then it's not "Oh, I have to get home and make sure I'm online to do chat?" Make sense?

  9. Sounds like a consensus of 2 chapters a week - up through the end of "book 2" (Jacob's part)...let's plan on posting the first summaries around this time (Wed?) of next week - to give people time to read. I'll take the hit on that one and volunteer to find/put up summaries for round 1 at the very least - more if people want me to. We can start our discussion mid week and continue reading after for the next one...sound good?

    And yes, I agree Naughty, we can say that a few of us will chat sometime and whoever can make it makes it - no pressure for anyone that way!

  10. Quick question I just thought of. Originally Kassie and I had planned to do the BD reread on TJA - but that was before this blog was created. Are we switching the reread over to this blog? That's fine, I just wanted to be clear. Also, if you girls want to have the BD read along here, we can put the chat feature on this blog. I don't know if I can go in and do it, but if not, Lauren - you would just have to click the link at the bottom of the chat box on TJA and it will take you to the website and just follow the instructions. It was pretty easy to set up. So let me know. :)
    Happy Thursday!

  11. Doesn't matter to me where we do it - if we want to do it here, that's great. Yes, UAB, you can go in and make changes (the group of us all have admin privs..) so you should be able to throw in the chat thing if we want to (or I can if you want me to do it. Doesn't matter either way :-D Just let me know!

  12. UAB, I was thinking the same thing. We had planned on it for TJA. I'd wondered about this too.
    Also, I'm not going to be able to write summaries but I'm in for discussions
    and chats as we planned previously. I'll just weigh in and comment otherwise.

  13. Alrighty folks - I chatted with MKC and we're going to "officially" do the Re-Read Along here on 12 months because there are more people with admin privs and it allows for more flexibility of who puts up the discussion for that week, etc. so that this doesn't become too much for any one of us. Hope that's cool with everyone - I volunteered to kind of organize things since so much work was done by so many of you on the EP Read Along (which I greatly enjoyed participating in) and I wanted to give a little something back.

    That being said - first summaries are ready to go and will be published on Tuesday of this week. That'll give people a chance to read (Preface - Chapter 2) and decide what they think. I'll plan to put summaries up every Tuesday and I found a site that has them done so it's no more work for me or anyone else than copying and pasting (and of course linking their site for credit ;-)) but summaries are there. I put them up so that if anyone reads ahead they can remember where we 'stopped' for the week or if you have a week you just don't get to it, you can also just refresh quick and still participate in the discussion. Final summaries should go up on the Tuesday before the Thursday/Friday midnight release. That should work out nicely.

    So, start reading - hit up the end of Chapter 2 by Tuesday-ish and share your thoughts, feelings, and what you're excited for in the movie?


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