Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More Rob mentions (and praise) from his co-stars...

Yes, Breaking Dawn is out, 58 days according to the countdown on my phone.  Yes, Bel Ami is finished and just looking for some good old distribution in the US.  Am I super pumped for both of these movies?  Why of course I am...

...but, over the late spring and early summer the glimpses that we were able to get from those in and around Toronto of the Cosmopolis filming has gotten me even more excited for this particular movie.  I've read the book (is the only reason I read it because Rob was going to be in the movie?  Simple.  Yes).  By read the book I mean I trudged through it because there's just something I don't often get about these "modern American genius" authors.  Maybe I'm not quite pretentious enough or maybe my IQ isn't off the charts, or maybe I just like things I can identify with, but whatever the case I usually just don't get it.  After I read the book, I can now say that I liked it.  I get the story now, I get the character, I get what he was going for, but lord if the journey there wasn't at times downright painful.

Now, the one light spot in my Cosmopolis reading adventure was watching my own little movie in my head while reading - featuring a whole hell of a lot of Rob.  Rob in a suit no less. *swoon* I loved making my own movie in my head but the shots we got from folks who visited the set in Toronto made it all that much better.  Rob working with a well known, well respected, long standing member of the "I make good movies" club such as David Cronenberg and with some "big name" actors like Juliette Binoche and Paul Giamatti just made this even better.  Finally a movie that might get a little respect. Now I know our boy will do a fantastic job, but it's a lot of pressure when you ARE the movie.  This movie is about one man's journey across NY City for one day.  The whole thing is him and he has to play such a specific part.  This interview with Paul Giamatti (thank you, thank you, thank you Josh Horowitz) has gotten me even more excited for this movie when it's released.

Also, Josh Horowitz is pretty much the only worthwhile part of MTV these days...I love every interview I've seen him do.  And I love that we got him to wave to us at WFENY.

Check out Paul's interview from the Toronto International Film Festival where of course Josh turns talk of Ides of March with George Clooney to Cosmopolis with Rob.  I'm pretty sure Josh has a bit of a man-crush. I'm ok with that - gets us the good stuff!!


  1. wow! thanks for posting this, lauren. i'm so happy that rob got this role and this experience. just so cool.

  2. 2 particularly fun parts

    a) Paul enjoyed Twilight
    b) "and he was really good" right at the end :-D

    I now love Paul Giamatti even more....

  3. I love Joshy. He loooooves us too :)

    First I don't doubt more people would like Twilight if they just gave the movie a chance. Paul probably watched it after being cast w Rob in Cosmopolis... I mean that's what I would do as an actor, watch my co-stars stuff so I can get a feel for them. But I'm not an actor so take my opinion for what its worth, not much lol. But I am not surprised Paul liked it, he's good people. And if he likes Rob, I like him and Paul can take that to the bank.

  4. Joshy is da bomb. Rob is a great interview though, let's be honest.

  5. I'm Josh-hard too! I love their interviews. He goes from serious to joking around. I think they are friendly in personal life. Not everyone is a fan of Josh though.

    Paul G is one weird dude, but I love the fact that he can smile and admit he's seen Twilight. The only other hollywood male that almost 'happy' about it is James Franco. He knew what Josh was going to ask too. You can see his face light with the smile.

    I did not finish Cosmopolis. It's the weirdest book I've ever read. I think the author was on a heavy acid trip or something. I'm going to wait to see movie, and then read it. Maybe it'll make more sense to me. Atleast 90 min of Rob? "He's in every second of the film." Yeah, I'm so there.


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