Monday, September 26, 2011

Team Bella

I was watching the new BD trailer for the millionth time,  and I got to the part where Jacob is saying "If you kill her, you kill me" and I noticed Edward standing behind Jacob.  I had to screencap it.

Look at them, working together. 
It is what Bella wanted, right?
Now they are both totally Team Bella.
I also noticed that Edward is covered in blood.
Must be happening while Bella is out of it during the transformation.....I'm guessing.
I just thought it was cool to see them together like that.
Yeah, I'm a dork. LOL


  1. Carlisle's hair looks slightly less hateful too....

  2. But wait, is Carlisle seriously wearing like a Member's Only jacket?????? nooooooooo!

  3. I'm sure he owned one (and rocked it) during the right time period..maybe he's bringing it back....

  4. haha, you gals are cracking me up. i still think he looks douchey, minus the jacket. :)

  5. "Look at them, working together..." LOLOL!!

  6. Christ! I hate Carlisle's hair!

    Can someone explain to me why Edward is wearing an e'f chinese waiter shirt as a jacket? It's like 4 inches too short for his arms!!!!

    Where's the blood? I don't see blood. Just shadow from Jacob's hulking form. LMAO Ed's pissed too! He's got the whole swallow in disgust face goin' on.

  7. Watch the trailer and pause it at that part - you can see Edward has blood all over his shirt. The same blood that is on his shirt in the first trailer when he throws Jacob across the room.

  8. maybe I'm losing it. I could swear I saw blood on Edward's shirt in the first trailer. That definitely looks like blood in the 2nd trailer though.

  9. So...the question becomes, when Jacob says, "If you kill her, you kill me" is he at that point talking about Bella or Renesmee?


  10. hummm, good question. He must be talking to the pack, so it must be about Bella, because once they find out about imprinting on Renesmee they know enough to back off. He doesn't have to say it. So I'm going with Bella.


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