Thursday, September 22, 2011

Can't ignore this pic any longer...

Has he changed out of this outfit since last week? and do I care?

It must hurt to look this good all the dang time...*and* he's buying furniture.

For the love of all things that sparkle!


  1. First, can I just say, I love the name of the store...

    Second, if they're anything like his Ray Bans I'm sure Rob has an endless supply of white v-neck tees everywhere he stays...and some black ones too for those dressy occasions ;-)

  2. Also I just noticed...I kind of hope he bought the stuffed moose head that's behind him under the Ikea end of the sign...just for laughs

  3. yes! i love the name of the store too. very clever.
    haha, the moose head. perfect.

    he's decorating while the kstew is away. so dear.

    lauren, you're too kind thinking he has actually changed his shirt. he did probably buy a large pack of v-necks at walmart that he subsequently left in his cosmopolis trailer, in london, at kstew's hotel, etc.

  4. He could go to BJ's/Sam's Club/Costco and get the giant pack of like 48 and not have to do laundry for a month and a

  5. I think he just wears and then throws away unless Kristen gets a hold of one. He admitted he doesn't know how to use a washing machine. That's why Ellen gave him all that underwear. He has to have someone else do it for him. If Mom's in London, Kristen is in London, who the hell's clothing and feeding this man? TomStu?

  6. That's so true, Naughty. He totally doesn't know how to use a washing machine. I'm actually surprised he has a smart phone ;-) I feel like he totally doesn't give to shits about technology. Which is freaking adorable for some reason.


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