Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rob as Arthur Pendragon...Rawr!

There are rumors flying about that Rob is considering the role of King Arthur in the projected 2012 movie release of "Pendragon".  I have heard that this chatter is all false, but it doesn't prevent my mind from wandering.  GROUP ACTIVITY:  Let's all take our minds there...Rob...swords...armor...on horseback....nom nom nom...Oh!  Sorry,  back to what I was saying. 

Supposedly it's going to be directed by Sylvain White.  He directed "Stomp the Yard" and "The Losers".  I'm going to go ahead and admit that I've seen neither of these films--so I can't make any judgment calls about this dude.  All I can say is, if he wants Rob, then I like him.

I think that this movie would be a great addition to Rob's filmography--a serious role, a period piece, and well...I'm not gonna lie...It would be fabulous to see Rob like this:

Nice SWORD, Rob...this is the stuff dreams are made from!

Too bad codpieces weren't invented until the 15th century...DAMN. Um, Mr. White? I'd like to tryout for the role of Rob's codpiece, please?

What do y'all think about "Pendragon" for Rob?  Yes? No? Think there should be a little historical license and codpieces should be allowed?  At least maybe we can get a shot of the Presh in tights...mmm...makes me all warm and tingly!!

Lemme know what you think!


  1. All I can think when I read about this possibility (I read about it last week to) is UC. If you aren't reading UC, then you should. For those of you who are??? UC Edward on the big screen?? Yes, please. I loved Heath Ledger in Knight's Tale - I know this would be more serious than that (love that movie) but same idea...something about medieval times that just gets me... **history teacher geek out moment**

  2. I thought his representation said there was no truth to this...

  3. Rob in a power position, ordering people around with an accent?
    Yes, please.

    That picture is awesomeness, as are you.

  4. I agree with you this would be a nice addition to his roles--something he might view as 'different' but yet we would all love to see.

    though if he did it, kind of fun possibilities of a video putting together scenes of him from this and Kristen from Snow White.

  5. Def gives a UC vibe... I'll take Rob in any way I can get him. Down trodden Vet in training that runs away with the circus, hot vamp, haunted airman o_0, disgruntled youth, CFO CEO CwhateverO (you know his Cosmopolis character), nerd, guy that dies in Harry Potter, knight. Yes I would take him any way I could get him ;)

  6. I have read that no, there isn't much if any truth to this - but there was also some sort of site that said it was who knows...we'll just have to keep watching out for news.

  7. Also, welcome Jen!! Meant to say that before...I of thought? Out the window...

  8. I forgot to say Welcome Jen! We're happy your with us!!!

    I think this would be the ultimate role for him. The british accent, chain mail, a sword, hot and sweaty riding a horse!

    Oh, King Robthur...

    I'm going to keep my fingers crossed. Maybe his London Representation is working on it and not Stephanie & Nick.


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