Sunday, September 18, 2011

Have we frisked Troy?

This just makes me happy.

Have a great week, ladies.


  1. great send off to the week....thanks, Meg :-)

  2. Meg,
    Can I just say that you managed to put a smile on my face where one just did not want to appear. I'd forgotten how good this Q&A live this was. From the first girl who asked what we wanted to all know about the buttons (I can't catch what Kristen says, someone tell me who can hear her my ears are plugged along with my nose!) and Rob's innocence in answering/or not. To Troy, yes Lisa I believe he is... don't you see what I see? To the cold commercial which I can relate to because I have a dam awful cold today and if I saw such a lemon stick commercial myself, I'd for sure be in tears too. Just what I needed to push
    me out of the door and face the day, and there it is, a smile:)

  3. Definitely a great start to the week - I just love Rob's kind of awkward sitting position - he always does that almost curled up on himself thing when he's sitting - adorable. Can I just say that this is seriously making me jones for the late night (and things like Ellen) circuit to start for BD? I want more of this, please!!

  4. @tesoro - kristen says that his shirt unbuttoning is "overly considered"

    how adorable is rob when he answers the questions? he just pulls everything off with charm and humor.

    plus, i love the raised eyebrow. yum.

    @lauren - can't wait for more of all of this, especially kimmel. i feel like rob thinks jimmy is funny.

  5. always love to make u smile, fran. rob does too. :)

  6. I think you're right about Rob's thoughts on Jimmy, Meg. I imagine him at home in the evening just watching Jimmy Kimmel and laughing He seems to enjoy Ellen too - and I love her show so here's to hoping for another Ellen stop as well.

  7. I loved this show. Meg is right. Kristen say's that his shirt buttoning "is overly considered, actually". I missed that when I've watched it about a billion times.

    Yeah, someone should have totally frisked Troy. Kristen is obviously scared.

    I really hope there is some kind of "special".

  8. I had to watch again.

    Did you gals notice Kristen and Taylor's faces when he was talking about the cold product? They were both like "Where the f are you going with this? I don't get it."

  9. I often forget about this so thanks!

    I'm not a regular Jimmy K. watcher but I love how when he interviews these guys he just goes in and out of the reality and the characters. I and he told him he was screwing up all the teams by playing a character named Jacob.

    Rob is like 'people notice those things?' Umm, about PMSL when Jimmy interviewed Rob for WFE we notice and study such things, Rob!

  10. I love his absolute confusion over how much people love/follow him...

  11. I running about 10 minutes ahead of schedule this morning and this video was just the thing I needed to keep me happy for the day!

    I love that Rob is surprised that we care so much... makes me feel like a stalker but *said in a creepy voice* we like everything you do Rob.

    Oh and Rob only cries when he's feeling sorry for himself LOL. I'd hate to see how that boy does watching Kleenex commercials, you know the ones!


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