Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sister Rosetta by Noisettes

This is the song that way playing while Bella was "preparing" for her first night with Edward.

This is the scene that was showed at Comic Con, right Lisa? ;)

Very fun, I dig it.


  1. That's exactly right, Meg. It was so unexpected. A totally different feel than any other Twilight film. Very fun and Kristen killed the scene.

  2. This is a fun song! I'll need a few more listens of this too...I'm actually getting pumped for this soundtrack even after our slight disappointment.

  3. Ok, now this song I love. I like Bruno, but I am waiting to see where it goes.

    This is going to be awesome part of the movie...kristen was so funny and played nervous perfectly. Maybe she was channeling a little of it based on having to have 'sex' with her RL Liebhaber (german: lover)on screen.

    Is it me or does the singer sound alot like Macy Gray???

  4. I like the hyper feel of this, if I were working out or doing something active, I'd play this to get me going.
    I can picture nervous Bella having a near panic attack to this song. I'm sure Kristen nailed this as Lisa said, she's good with the jumpy, nervous scenes, she's a natural.


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