Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Twitter Tuesday...apparently

Ok, so I know we're in a bit of a drought so of course the rumor mills have started filling with all kinds of craziness...but here are a couple of the toppers for today from Twitter:

First, there was rumor (and apparently the source article for this one came from US Weekly so we know how accurate that is...) that Rob was recording an album.  Now, this rumor has been theoretically disproven by Gossip Cop, but I really want to be excited about this possibility even if it is in the distant future.  How much would I love more music from Rob?  Probably enough to crawl over some broken glass while someone is tickling me (I freaking hate being tickled...) and being forced to eat olives (I freaking hate olives more than I hate being tickled...).

My take on this news?  Perhaps he is in the studio?  But, not for his own album?  Breaking Dawn Soundtrack?  Totally still keeping my fingers crossed even though I know, somewhere in my heart, that it's just keeping hope to be disappointed later - but we'll see.

Second discussion on the Twitter-verse today that I happened to notice is that, along with some of the other recent new project talk (ahem - ArthuRob and the Unbound Captives talk that's still going on, etc.) there was mention - among other names - that Warner Brothers suggested Rob as a possibility for Steven Soderburgh's A Man from U.N.C.L.E. based on the old 60's tv show.  Special agent for the government - which likely means Rob wearing suits again? - yes, please!

(all these Tweets are courtesy of @RobsessedBlog on Twitter :-D)
Source article for info on the 'possible' album
Source article for info on A Man from UNCLE


  1. I read the "Man from U.N.C.L.E" thing too. I kinda wish he would do this. His version of James Bond No? Maybe they'll let him keep his british accent? Have I told you ladies how verra much I love the accent? NO? Well I DO!! Yummy!

    I mentioned before when Jen put up the ArthuRob post that I thought this was already debunked? I think I could get into that. We'll have to see.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he did go in and record Renesmee's lullaby for the soundtrack. If he is doing a full album, I'm there. Sign me up!

  2. I hate rumors. I'll wait for the real deal.
    Rob would be good in anything. He's smart and will continue to make
    smart choices. He's in the best position to pick and choose, and choose he will.

  3. It would be nice for Rob to do a govt suit position, bad ass with a gun. Or Bad-Ass Cop if you will ;)

    I would die a happy woman if Rob did an album but maybe he was in the studio for voice over work on Cosmopolis or something.

  4. You know I want to keep Rob in a white shirt, suit optional.
    Can you picture me, if he ever gets to play a mafiaward?! Or even better it would be cute to see his playfulness in a mafiward like DeNiro in Analyze That!
    I think we will get some music out of Rob somehow in BD, I really do!
    At the very least we'll see him in BD2, playing the piano for his daughter, her lullaby.

  5. Yeah, you're right about the lullaby, BT. That'll for sure be in part 2 - Bill's partner (why am I blanking on his name right now) already confirmed that on Twitter.

    I had read that about ArthuRob too, Naughty, but you just never know...

    ...I'll always keep my ears open for his next project. Speaking of - I can't wait to see more of Cosmopolis stuff after BD either. I'm still really, really excited for that movie!!

  6. I'm with Naughty on the accent! Bring on Bel Ami!

  7. Can I just say that I pretty much freaking melted at WFENY when he was outside at the Today Show with all of us and was talking (saying thanks to everyone for coming, etc.). Something about the accent just does me in so I'm totally with kiTT and Naughty.

    The funniest part of all that? When I saw Eclipse (and before I really knew who he was and had put 2 and 2 together in my head to connect Harry Potter) I didn't realize he was British. Yeah, I know. Shame. *goes to hide in the corner for a bit*

  8. @lauren- I caught him on video talking to some guy at the Today show. I've never put it on youtube... maybe I should do it now so you can relive the glory that is outdoors Today show Rob!

  9. I'm dying for Bel Ami!! "Get out of my house!" Oh lord. Gonna need to pack a load of panties for that one!

    Kassie, if you have video of Rob, post it! Lord, you've been holding out on us!!!

  10. OMG Kassie!! Video!! Go, go!! LoL. That was such an epic day (and weekend), but I actually said words (and like the right ones...) to him and he said "thank you" and "absolutely" to me. With an accent...and my knees got a little weak...and I was shaking for like an hour afterwards!

  11. @lauren - WHA?! you TALKED to him? why did i not know this??

    I totes think the album is a possibility cause i think he can't resist the itch to do music much longer. Also, US is pretty reliable. True story.

    Steven S. FTW. i love ocean's 11.

    @tesoro - just the thought, the mere thought, of Rob in The Godfather is...well...i have no words.

    @naughty - yes, please a role where the accent is accentuated.

    @kassie - link that shit.

  12. How did neither of you guys know that I talked to him??? Everyone was clambering for autographs and our very own BT had her poster there from behind me and was yelling over people "would you please sign my poster" and he looked up at the group of us (Me and Jorgie20 and BT and Jen and Hope from Pattinson Post who were standing in front of us) and says "I'd be happy to sign the poster, but I don't know which one you're talking about" so I grabbed the corner of it and pulled it forward a bit, looked right at him and said "she wants you to sign this please" and his response was "thanks I couldn't tell what I was looking for" so I very politely said "you're welcome, now could you please sign my book too?" (I love ya, BT but I didn't want to miss the chance for an autograph after giving him yours to sign ;-)) and he said "sure and thanks for coming out" I thanked him like 3 times and then noticed how bad I was shaking and that my knees were weak...lol The accent is pretty damn amazing when it's directed at you...just sayin' :-D Lisa can probably confirm that part as well!

  13. Also, unrelated to my last comment, but also related to Meg's - I really hope for an album one day - just one day...anytime is fine (of course I'd prefer sooner rather than later), but I, like you, Meg, am totally in love with this man's singing voice (among other things of course...) I am still banking some small shred of hope for the soundtrack...anyone have any ideas on when they'll tell us what's on that thing???

  14. I know Lauren. I think I didn't want to keep rubbing it in that we talked to him and he answered us and we got the autograph! But yeah, I think it was Lauren who slam dunked my poster into Rob's face. All the while I'm pleading..."Rob, please sign this for my kids?" And he got it practically in his face from someone, Lauren I think or Jen and he pulled it down and signed it for me. I thought I was going to lose it at that point. Then I said, thank you Rob that was so gracious of you. WTF, where did I get gracious from? And he said you're welcome and everything else Lauren said. OMG I'm hyperventilating just remembering!!!!
    I'm staring at the poster he signed. I framed it and it's on my wall in the Vampire cave. So nice:)

  15. Yeah, it was me, BT. I pulled the corner cause you had it over us (as per our suggestion). He really was thanking everyone and saying you're welcome and all that. I think my favorite thing I saw that he did (ok, that's probably an exaggeration since there were so many favorite things that weekend) is that he almost always takes the pictures for people if they ask for a picture with him. It was adorable to watch him take people's cameras from them hold it out and snap the picture and then hand the camera back. Something totally endearing about that!

  16. over/under on how long it takes me to get back on twitter? ;)


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