Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vintage Rob gets his flirt on...

Hey, baby...wanna see my dashboard?


  1. Oh yeah, Meg! This was I believe the Young Hollywood Awards.

    Total flirting! The low, quiet voice. The jaw. I loved the nose scrunch! So, we have further proof that Mr. Pattinson prefers brunettes. Did you see how he looks at her, but then has to look away? Yep. It's just one more tell.

    God I love this man!

  2. Oh the fingers through the sexhair... YUM.

    You forget how "Americanized" his accent has become over the years. He's also lost the deep blush he used to have.

  3. oh this girl checked out on what Rob was saying after vampire and just lost to smittenland.


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