Saturday, September 17, 2011

Well, GOOD morning!!!!

I wake up this morning to find some more lovely outtakes of Rob from the TV Week Photoshoot!
What a way to start the day.....enjoy!

My oh my - so hard to pick a favorite!!!!


  1. How did I know when this post came in my inbox that it was you posting UAB? Only you and I are up at this ungodly hour on a Saturday! ILY and these pics are great!

  2. Is it just me, or is he sexier with the hood on?

    Wait a minute, I know what it is. With the hood on he looks a little in despair, lonely. I want to comfort him.

  3. Oh, I'm awake too since I have to work....just hadn't gotten to look yet. Those are some pretty pretty pictures. I might have to stare at them for a while to pick a fave. Definitely brightened my morning after much too little sleep. Thanks UAB :)

  4. It was like Rob was moving when I scrolling through these pictures on my BlackBerry this morning. I may or may not have done that 17 times ;)

  5. kiTT you hit it on the head! The ones where he looks like he's needy, are oddly the hottest. I wonder what that says about us? I think it's that vulnerability that he owns that makes me want to both take care of him and well, you know what else.
    Grazie UAB!

  6. OMG Lisa, I just did that on my computer...scroll up, scroll down, scroll up, scroll

    I think #2 is my favorite "sad" one (the second one down)...almost looks like he might cry...he needs a hug!!

  7. #6 is Rob saying: "What do you mean Naughty's not around?" Poor man goes thru the accompanying emotions of disappointment.

    "Hey Baby!"
    #12 is Rob seeing me!!!!

    "Let's get out of here Love!" he says as he pulls up his hood!

    "Anytime, Anywhere Britboy!"


  8. Leave the hood on, baby. Leave. It. ON.

  9. We all like the hood so much, yourengoing to love the banner I made for roctobert :-)


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