Monday, September 26, 2011

Shall We?


  1. Had to watch this again and picture the wedding dance. What will they talk about?

  2. I do love that song...pumped to see what the wedding version holds :-) thanks Meg!

  3. I loved the first kiss scene, but this was my "favorite" kiss. I love how their foreheads are together and she's looking at him. Swoon...

    They talked about the soundtrack on 101 news this morning...for those of you not in the chgo area, that's the old Q101 which is now 101 fm news. The girl who does the entertainment reporting described breaking dawn as the "latest cheesy twilight movie" and to just go to itunes and buy the soundtrack, not a ticket to the movie. She loves the soundtracks but not our Saga. Bitch.

    Ooopppssss...sorry. I'm bitter and cranky today. LOL


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