Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vintage Rob

The accent is heavy...and so is the mousse.

I think Rob has a crush on Shaun Robinson.


  1. In a way, Rob was WAY more than Shaun Robinson bargained for but she loved it!
    LOL that was classic! thnx Meg

  2. Vintage Rob, is the best. He was so unguarded, honest, appearing clueless but having so much fun with it.
    Wouldn't you just want to be that harness that was chaffing him!?
    And so cool he went back looking for that text proposal.
    This is the Rob we all fell in love with. Hot and adorable.

  3. I think Shaun has a crush on Rob too - she asks him to touch his hair in just about every interview. So cute. I think a combined Josh/Shaun interview of Rob would lead to hilarity!!!

    Vintage Rob is great - I love getting/finding these old videos because, for me, this was before my Rob-time. I love seeing the glimpses that everyone else fell in love with.

    Thanks for sharing, Meg!

  4. try not to fall in the love. i dare ya. ;)


    Look at me, last to know and comment again! Thanks, kiTT. (Someone can tell the 100 Monkeys that I am definitely THE LAST to know about anything.I wasn't joking with them.)
    The blog looks awesome ladies!

    Vintage Rob is a sweetie! He was the one that I fell for to begin with. The hands in the hair all the time. The fact that every other word out of his mouth that interview season was "marry me" and nervous laughs... *sigh*

    Now I need to find a link button (or did you all need one) and the email sign up.

    It's also cool that I'm number 17 on the following list (Lisa)... Do I win a prize? LoL

  6. @rpfangirl - yes, you do win! a motorboat from Lisa. ;)

    e-mail sign up is on the sidebar. we don't have a button but it will probably take lauren 2.4 seconds to make one when she sees this comment. :)

    thanks for joining in on the shenanigans.

  7. This is the first interview I saw with him and I FELL HARD! He's sexy and funny and just too damn alluring. I think he does have a crush on Shaun. Definitely mutual! You can always tell when he's attracted to the interviewer. He can't look them in the eye, he talks quietly. There's a few interviews he did in Philadelphia for Twilight. One he was funny Rob. The other he was so totally flirting. Quiet, couldn't look her in the eye. The voice is deeper. I'll have to find it. Has anyone seen the one B96 here in chicago did? He's totally flirting. I'll have to find them and you can see what I'm talking about.

  8. Shaun is totally crushing on him. Rob is just his adorkable self.

    I cannot believe she said the special fx in Twilight were incredible. LOLOLOL!

    It is fun looking back at the old stuff and I just commented on his access in another post. Agreed that it was much thicker a few years ago. Make sense obviously given how much time he spends trying to speak American in his films and the fact that he's living in LA now.


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