Saturday, September 17, 2011

Exclusive Trailer

It's the 17th, so what better time to do my first post, right?

I knew you girls wouldn't want to miss out on the real story of Twilight, right?

What? You knew when you invited me this might happen, right?

Right ;)

Happy Saturday!


  1. Hey Punk,
    I'm happy THIS happened. There is no greater goodness than Edward/Jasper together. Smolder, smirk, and move over Bella! Now we need some Rob/Jackson goodies:)
    17hugs Lisa!!!!

  2. It's amazing the things people can do with clips from the movies. I never would have known Edward and Jasper had a thing going on... now with this video it's so clear and I wonder to myself "How did I miss it?"

  3. Lisa, while I was fixing the post issues I had to sit down and watch this while I was recopying the embed link. So funny how some people can find the little glances and all that - it's so perfect for you to have posted! Love it!

  4. Genius film editing, I'll give it that. And a lot of story told in such few, simple words.

  5. Lisa, you are awesome. Start off with a bang, girl!

    Who will Edward choose? lol

    I would totally go and see this. As long as Edward still says, "I just wanna try one thing." ;)


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