Thursday, September 29, 2011

BD Minus the Fade to Black

I'm doing this post from the blogger app on my iPhone - not sure how it will come out. Anyway....

When you girls are reading Chapter 5 of BD - stop when you get to the fade to black part - and then hop on over to and read "Warmth"
Warmth by KatieBelleCullen <- Mobile ff link
Warmth <- Standard ff link

It flows seamlessly right into the lemons that SM left out.

Just a suggestion. ;)


  1. I feel as though I like this idea....fade to black is so not fun....

  2. It's like 20 chapters long. Are they all honeymoon lemony scenes or is there a good place to stop early on where it will flow directly into the post fade to black chapters?

  3. PS: I added the reg link. The other one was going to the mobile site. So I just added the other just in case anyone wanted it :)

  4. Well this ought to be good. The honeymoon scene adult style, yay!
    Thanks for sharing.


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