Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Awww...Before they were stars...

Breaking Dawn | Access Hollywood - Celebrity News, Photos & Videos

Thanks to StrictlyRobPattinson for the tweet :)


  1. He's so giggly!!! I love it.

    Kristen seemed a little more sure of herself at age 11. Although, I think I'd guard myself too if you went from indie films to this huge franchise and everyone wants to know the last time you had a bodily function. Just crazy.

    I said before that I wasn't a huge fan, but I have to say when she does an interview, I have to watch it. She is very intelligent. You can see that at 11 too.

  2. wow, rob has grown up quite nicely (thank you in n out burgers). and i swear shiloh jolie-pitt is going to look exactly like lil kstew soon.

    love that they both talk exactly the same.

    thanks for sharing HB!


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