Friday, September 16, 2011

When Don't I Think of Rob?

So I'm getting dressed to head out to my second babysitting gig of the day err well it's technically night time now, but you get the idea. Anyway I'm getting dressed for a comfy night in. The kids will be asleep so I'm basically sitting around doing whatever just making sure no one needs a cup of water or needs some monsters scared away.

I pull on my Adidas pants. I pull on my Adidas t-shirt. I pull on my Adidas socks... I'm thinking I can forgo the Adidas hat and Adidas sandals. The former so it doesn't look like I'm on the prowl robbing houses as a walking advertisement for Adidas and the latter because it's like fickin 40 degrees out.

And here is why I thought of Rob
Pic from Trixie and Tess

I hope you all have a wonderful, Rob filled evening.

PS: Lauren... you suck. Or should I say "I've got two words for ya..." ;) Love you!


  1. So Kassie, they totally did it and it was hillarious - hubs has a video - as soon as he loads it up on the computer I'll share (I'm going to get him to put it on YT I think) so I can share our awesome-sauce night with you.

    Also, this picture when I first saw it made me realize I don't own enough addidas...I need more...

  2. Is there some incriminating video of Ms. Kassie?

    I don't own any Addidas but me thinks I need to get some.

  3. It's like a free (for them) add campaign. Stocks are going to rise...

  4. wait, why does lauren suck?

    @kassie - you were just trying to get closer to him. ;)

  5. @lauren- like Rob.. there is never enough Adidas :)

    @nhb- noooo nothing like that and see my above comment about never enough Adidas... I should own their stock with this major pimpage!

    @megan- she sucks bc she met DX... some wrestling quoting going on lol. And yes I will do anything to get closer to Rob!

  6. I have such desire to find myself a plain black Adidas hoodie mission this week....i


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