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Breaking Dawn Re-Read Along: The Summaries: Week 1

Alright ladies - so we all started reading (maybe?) again.  Here are the summaries for the preface (because I forgot to count that when I did chapter counts), and chapters 1 and 2 (all from book 1 of course).  Summaries courtesy of: http://www.shmoop.com/breaking-dawn/summary.html


  • Once again, the story opens with our heroine and narrator, Bella Swan, at the brink of death.
  • This time, though, the person about to kill her is someone she loves. Bella decides that she has no other option but to sacrifice her life for that person.

Chapter 1:

  • The wedding bells are ringing for Bella and Edward. With the big day just a few days away, Bella drives through Forks in her "engagement gift" from Edward – a fancy Mercedes. She's embarrassed when people admire the car.
  • Passing through town, Bella sees "Missing" posters of Jacob that Charlie put up all around town. She calls Seth to see if he has heard from Jacob, but all he knows is that Jacob's off running around the Canadian wild.
  • Bella flashes back to the day when she and Edward told Charlie about their engagement. At first, he assumed that Bella was pregnant. She assured him she's not and Edward explained that, since they're going off to college at Dartmouth together, he didn't want to live "in sin" with Bella, but be a gentleman and marry her first. Charlie gives his blessing, but insists that Bella be the one to tell Renée. He obviously expects Renée to throw a tantrum over her daughter getting married at eighteen.
  • To both Bella and Charlie's surprise, Renée was not surprised. On the contrary, her motherly instincts told her it was coming. She even alleviated Bella's fears of acting irresponsible and immature: "You've never been a teenager, sweetie. You know what's best for you" (1.166). Soon after, Renée flew to Forks to help Esme plan the wedding.
  • Bella's mind returns to the present. She reflects on her sacrifices in marrying Edward and starting a life with him. Except for her human family she doesn't miss anything – well, except for her physical cravings for Edward. She longs for him to fulfill his promise of a making love to her during their honeymoon: "I wanted the complete experience before I traded in my warm, breakable, pheromone-riddled body…" (1.204).

Chapter 2

  • Edward and Bella cuddle and kiss in her bed the night before their wedding. When Bella brings up Edward's promise to make love to her, he worries again that he'll hurt Bella and would rather make love to her after she has become a vampire. On the other hand, he confesses that he hates taking away her ability to have children and her human life. "I want to give you things, not take them away from you" (2.57). Bella tells him to stop being such a downer.
  • Emmett and Jasper interrupt their conversation to take Edward on a bachelor party/hunting trip.
  • Drifting off to sleep, Bella reflects on the volatile mix of wedding guests: humans, werewolves, and vampires. The Denali vampire sisters, Tanya and Kate, are expected to attend, but not Irina, who never got over the Cullens siding with the werewolves on killing Laurent.
  • Thinking about the Denali sisters, Bella remembers a story that Carlisle told her about their mother and the plague of immortal children.
  • A long time ago, vampires created immortal children out of human infants. Although they were beautiful and endearing, they lacked self-control and decimated entire villages in their thirst for blood. Their killing sprees endangered the secrecy of the vampire world, so the Volturi stepped in. A blood bath ensued in which entire vampire covens were destroyed as they tried to protect their immortal children.
  • The mother of the Denali clan created such an immortal child. The Volturi came for her and the child, but spared her daughters, because they didn't know of their existence.
  • Bella dreams of a beautiful immortal boy, surrounded by a horde of advancing Volturi. The child trembles with fear. She wants to save him, but she realizes the child is sitting on "a pile of human bodies, drained and lifeless" (2.128). She recognizes the faces of her school friends and parents. The child looks back at her with "bright, bloodred eyes."

What will be in the movie?  What will they leave out?  Do you think Bill C. did the dream sequences justice (Bella's dreams about the baby boy...)?  Are we excited to see Bella drive something other than the old truck?  Or are we going to miss that big orange beast?  How is Charlie going to react to the engagement news (I'm pumped to see this one on screen, that's for sure)?  Discuss below ;-)

Also, Chapters 3 and 4 will be posted Tuesday!  Happy chatting and reading!


  1. So I'm not officially rereading this book, because in a way I never stopped reading my Twilight books. I have this weird (?) thing where I can just pick them up at any point, any page and be immersed in the story. So I have done that continuously since my first read.

    I kind of was thinking they might cut the dreams out. I just think they could. But because there were prv dream sequences in the other movies, I could see MR writing it in.

    I think the before and after car bit could get axed with Edward just giving Bella a new car as her wedding gift. 'Member how MR cut out the part in Eclipse of Edward getting a motorcycle for himself and special riding gear for Bella? Automobile homage is def a take it or leave it thing in these films. ;)

    Ahh forget the car bit, I want to see it written in (from Eclipse) where Bella asks Edward about Tanya and he tells her he prefers brunettes. I want to see her have some insecurity over meeting Tanya at the wedding. I think that could be brought in with Bella learning about the immortal children in the Denali Clan.

    And def LOVE E/B night before the wedding--so in sync, ya know? And some bachelor party with the boys. I wanna know what the vamp version involves beyond just hunting!!!

  2. I did my reading this morning. Those chapters were so quick to get through, it was kinda nice.

    I think they'll leave out the dream sequences and flashbacks. My thought is they'll start off telling Charlie and moving right along to the making out before the bachelor party. We better get 'the talk' from Carlisle, Jasper and dear god Emmett that would be amazingly funny!

    Lots of things happen in these first chapters including dress alterations. I don't like the way Bella is dreading the wedding. Regardless she should be happy, she'll get Edward and that's the most important part. Forget the cars, the Freshman year at Dartmouth, the sex *gasp*. She gets to spend the rest of her life with the man she loves and like her Mom pointed out she's never going to want anyone else, so just be happy for the damn wedding.

    I definitely think they need to play up the insecurity over Tanya.. I mean we're gonna hate her enough already so what's just a little more :) Seriously though Bella wouldn't be Bella if she wasn't insecure about everything including but not limited to the attention at the wedding and Edward's 'past' with Tanya... though they don't ever talk about the fact that Rosalie was changed to be his mate (that did happen in the books and I'm not just plugging fanfic in here am I?) in the movies, so they might just gloss over that fact.

    Whatever they do with the Bella's new car in the movie all I have to say is it better not be a dinky little hatchback like Edward's first Volvo.

    I can't wait to chat with you all later :)

  3. I can't imagine that they'd have the real super fancy Mercedes that she's driving in the first one. I'm pretty sure cars like that really are only for middle eastern drug lords or some shit like that and I can't imagine them caring enough to actually get the "right" car for her before car, so I agree with Marie that they might just skip to the wedding present. Or, it might just not be a thing at all and they'll gloss over it and just concentrate on the nervousness over the wedding without her driving awkwardly through town with everyone staring.

    I would LOVE to see the bachelor party, but I think we'll read more about that in later chapters so I'll save my comments/favorite parts for that discussion.

    They will obviously have to include the immortal children story in some way. You're right Kassie - I like the idea of introducing more of Tanya through that. Seems to make sense. And yes, Kassie, I do believe there is some discussion of Rosalie and Edward having been a possibility in the books - I don't think it's just fic you're thinking of. I'll divert to Professor Twilight (I'm looking at you, kiTT) on that one for sure though.

    You're right too Marie, there could be a little dream glimpse (even if it was along the lines of the length of the Bella and Edward running through the woods hilarity from NM) of Bella's dreams. I feel like there's so much foreshadowing or foreboding in those dreams that it makes sense to put something in. I know there hasn't been any mention of any little Edward-looking boys running around any sets or anything, but it could be that they changed it to a girl for the movie since that's what the end up with (oops...spoiler...sorry :-P) anyway and then just used the same kid(s) that they're using for part 2. Maybe? Maybe I'm crazy...who knows...

  4. They could just CGI the little boy in... if they do the dream sequence that is.

  5. So I just realized that I'm apparently blind or can't read and thought that it was Marie that replied first, not you kiTT, so everywhere I said I agree with Marie, I meant kiTT. LoL. Sorry!!

  6. No need to be sorry. I just wondered how you figured out my real name!!! ;)

    Carlisle changed Rosalie with the notion that she could be to Edward what Esme was to him. Edward was super annoyed at Carlisle for saving someone so high profile within the society they were living in at the time. Rosalie was super annoyed that Edward wasn't falling all over her, as told by Rosalie in her story in Eclipse and part of her profile in the Illustrated Guide. :)

    While I was driving today it hit me what the cover pic of EW was potentially all about. I'll save that theory for the honeymoon chapter.

  7. I guess I'm alone. I want the car scene, with her in a sophisticated car and the two guys taking pictures and Bella showing how uncomfortable she is with attention. I'm sure like you think, it will be cut, but I'd like to see it. You know I love Black Mercedes anyway ala EP!
    Besides, later, I really want to see the AFTER car, the one Jake takes off in...besides, the guys need a little something too.
    I hope they put more into the Charlie scene, going from "your pregnant!"(like when Bella in Eclipse went nuts when Charlie tried to give her the safe sex talk...) to laughing his ass off and saying you have to tell your mother. I'd like to see the three of them and all these emotions, more Charlie time is always good.
    Dream scene, yeah, there's no mention of little boys during filming, but what if they put a little girl in the scene, one of the ones they use for the real baby? That would work and give it some drama if they showed the killing and all?? I'm with you Kassie, I think they have to have the immortal backstory for sure. Maybe instead of a dream, they'll have Carlisle's story acted out, like they did the vampires and native tribe in New Moon or Jasper's backstory in Eclipse?
    kiTT, I don't know if I want to see Bella insecure over Tanya at the wedding. I don't want anything to ruin the wedding. Maybe I've read too many ff versions of that. But Carlisle could introduce the Denali clan as he gives the backstory. Funny, I don't care about Tanya. Edward made it very clear he never gave a crap about her and until they decide to do the Midnight Sun version, I say keep Tanya at arms length.

  8. Fran, I totally agree about the B/E?C scene. I'm hoping to see it play a lot like the book - it's one of my favorite scenes in the whole series of books actually - like when he gets all serious and Edward's trying not to laugh because he knows what Charlie is thinking and then Charlie just bursts out laughing. Great stuff!! And his disappointment when Renee doesn't react like he thinks she will!!

  9. I was biting my lip trying not to laugh when Edward was trying not to laugh. So silly!

    Fran you're right they could do the immortal children as a flashback. I can't remember if there are many others further in book 1 but this could be the major one for this movie. Hey now I feel cheated we didn't get one in Twilight! And no I don't count the video of Bella sucking at ballet as a flashback :P

  10. @Kassie - and couldn't you see Rob playing that trying not to laugh thing to perfection?

  11. Oh you know it! And it would totally be a 'Rob' look not an Edward one lol

  12. Aww Fran, you are not alone!

    I'm not saying I don't want the car scene. I'd be totally good with the car scene. And I'm pro ANY Charlie Swan scenes too! I just know they have to cut some stuff out and rework it. And I think the insecurity Bella feels is before the wedding--maybe while she is drving around in her Guardian! (compromise?)

    You know that BD pic of Bella and Edward in her room amongst the boxes? Right there if Bella is expressing some concern over Tanya to Edward, I could stand to hear him reassure with his, "I prefer brunettes." After all, I just went and dyed my hair last night! ;)

  13. Would it be wrong of me to say I went back to being a brunette just because Edward prefers them? Shhh I totally did! I'm getting it touched up tomorrow *bites lip* I hope Edward likes it ;)

  14. @Kassie and Lauren Yes, to the Rob looks and giggling as he reads Charlie's minds.
    I also want to see that bedroom scene, one of the last ones in Bella's room.
    Last one where he's cold as ice and she needs a blanket. I'd love to see Charlie in the other room snoring and not noticing he's there. And of course I want to see Jasper and Emmett at/outside the window picking up Edward and busting his balls...and Bella asking Jasper if they'll take him to a strip joint. I want more of the Cullens! I want to see Jasper calm Bella down and then when he leaves she starts worrying and has her scary dream. Oh well even if they don't show some of that, we get to experience it in written form, which by the way, is why we started all this and what has brought us together.

  15. Joining the party late!

    I want all of it. I want the Guardian and the awkwardness before and during her getting to the gas station. I want the guys taking pics with it and Bella realizing ofcourse Edward would give her a car that's a fortress because she's such a fragile human. I want the flashback of Carlisle telling her of immortal children. I want to see the Forks gang in a pyre under the little vamp boy. (Well, maybe just mike newton...don't like that boy. "He's weird."

    I think they need to have the whole Tanya insecurity issues. Yes, Kassie in one of the books (don't remember which)SM wrote about how Carlisle turned Rosalie hoping that she would be Edward's mate because he was so alone. Rosalie was mad because he didn't want her. Her ego was a bit bruised.

    I thought I heard that they did do the Bachelor party scene. Correct me please if I'm wrong. I mean come on! It's a chance to get Emmett in here some more. It's right up there with the arm wrestling scene in part 2. I want to see Jasper calm her, Emmett scratching at the window and Edward jumping out and havin' a wrestle with Emmett.

  16. @kiTT, Yes, the box picture, it must be the last time in her room, and yes that would be the best time for insecurities...it would bring out the bad dream!

  17. That would be a fantastic spot for that line, kiTT!!

    @Kassie - absolutely - like when he scrunches up his face in the rice throwing scene that was wonderfully pointed out for us the other day by the fabulous kiTT :-D

    @BT- you're totally not alone - I'd love to see the car stuff too - I just doubt it's going to happen. The Guardian seems to be harder to find information on than anything I've ever tried searching for (although I did find the video of them lighting it on fire that the guy mentions in BD) and somewhere I saw mention that they cost over $500,000 but there really isn't much information out there since they seem to be reserved for high rollers. I feel like even with the money the franchise has made that's a silly investment to make to get that car in the movie. Seems more likely that they'll get her after car (or something close) and leave it at that. I do love a black (EP) Merdeces as well!!

  18. @Lauren, there is no real "Guardian"so that's why you can't find anything. But there is a really nice Mercedes, top of the line. And like Volvo, I'm sure they would give them the car for the filming. They could stick some special something on the car make it seem like a "Guardian"

  19. I love that her car is basically a tank on four wheels. I think Mercedes should make a special edition car just for the movie. Only make one and then auction it for charity or something.

  20. @Kassie, love your idea, tank on wheels to safe Bella and then donate it after the movie.
    And I love that you admitted to going back to brunette for Edward. You sure it wasn't for Rob? He seems to like brunette's too...

  21. @Naughty, I doubt that they will give us a bachelor party scene. All they did was go hunting some wild game. The real animals, not the skanky kind found in strip joints.

  22. BT- Maybe for both ;)

    They could totally do a bachelor party hunting for animals then Carlisle sitting Edward down "Okay son, now you must be gentile. If you need to focus may I suggest biting a pillow?" Emmett then says "But not her 'pillows'" *eyebrow wags* LOL

  23. @Kassie, LMFAO! Picture Carlisle giving him that talk. Better yet, I want
    Emmett and Jasper to tell him what to expect. Imagine, poor Edward a virgin!

  24. I can just see Peter and Rob sitting down to rehearse that scene and like run lines or something....I imagine lots of laughing and blushing!!

  25. okay, girls, sorry i'm late to the party. i tried to catch up with all ur thoughts and comments.

    i wrote a post on the old blog about carlisle giving edward a sex talk and telling him to think about baseball. the cullen boys were also involved. i really have a feeling this will be in the movie...and i love it!!

    yes, i really hope they turn up the tanya tension.

    i remember being surprised that "the fetus" turned out to be a girl after the dream bella had.

    i kinda hope they don't show that graphic of a scene with the school friends and all...

    i'm not a car person but i would totally appreciate a completely pimped out car for the guardian.

    that's all for now. xo

  26. I would love to see the Cullen boys just hanging out and not being in a "tense" situation like we're used to when they're all together. It seems like every scene they're in something crazy is happening...Jasper's trying to kill Bella, dinner in Twilight is tense enough as it is, plus it's hard for Jazz, getting ready to battle the newborns, etc. I'd like to see them just chill a bit and be brothers and dad...you know?

  27. I really want to comment girls, but I just can't even think straight, I'm so wiped out. I've been trying to keep up with the comments, but just can't form a coherent thought about BD right now. I read Ch. 1 last night before I crashed. I am really looking forward to the scene where E and B tell Charlie. I'm going to try to read Ch. 2 tonight.


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