Monday, September 12, 2011

Is it Robvember yet?

Hoping everyone is having a decent Monday morning.

I'm feeling a bit needy, need of some hot and sweaty Robowski.

If you're on tumblr, which I am not because I'm trying to have a healthy addiction (oxymoron?), then you NEED to follow this site, especially on Mondays...or at least until November 1st when the WFE DVD will be released into our greedy, little hands. it's giftastic! (click archive)


  1. Love it!! I'll be adding that to my follow list when I get home :D Thanks for the link, Meg.

    Gah, November 1 - WFE DVD, November 8 - BD Soundtrack (Still crossing my fingers a bit...), November 18 - Breaking Dawn....I need to start setting aside dates to take off of the 2nd job so I'm home in the afternoon to watch/listen....

    Cannot wait!

  2. Oh mah god!! Hot sweaty Rob yes please and thank you!!

    Meg I can still remember when we both started hitting each other during WFE when he was shoveling the shit in that wife beater. Best. Rob. Pic. EVER! Okay maybe not EVER but it's a top favorite of mine :)

  3. Meg keep all this goodness coming. School takes away all my searching.
    I'm counting on you to deliver more Robwhenever...


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