Monday, September 19, 2011

Funny Faces's kiTT.
The weather has turned cooler.
The pool is closed.
I've been wearing jeans.
In general, I dislike the change of
season from summer to fall.
I'm a little resistant to change,
except when it comes to Rob's
everchanging facial expressions.
I even like the less-than sexy ones.

Rob's face is awesome in screenshots!

I highly recommend watching the trailer and
pausing it on when they are leaving.
Rob breaks character and scrunches up his face.

You can just see it on his face below.

See the girl's sillouette right above the YAHOO on the bottom right?
She's not looking at Rob's face, is she?
Follow her line of vision.

             Looks like he's contemplating leaving Bella for was only a matter of time.


This is my favorite.
I'm off to dye my hair dark brown
and braid it.
I always do that in the fall. 
Change can be good. 


  1. TT, no use in dying your hair dark. That's my wedding photo w/the Man. LOL I wish my hair was long enuff to braid like that. I am a little hurt that he is deciding on leaving me for you. I think it's because of his love for "Is my Mama a llama?" lol

    I did see in the trailer where he scrunched up his face...they were getting hit with rice. I chuckled cuz it's not an Edward thing to do, it's soooo ROB!!!

  2. There were a lot of "Rob" moments during the trailer and I loved every single one!

    That girl is looking where every other one of us h00rs would be and that's the peen! AaaaaAaaa do you here the angels singing when I talk about the peen... well I do ;) it's a sickness.

    PS: How the hell did they get mine and Rob's wedding photo? Someones looking to get sued! hahahaha

  3. I love Edward smirks. The wedding picture is at the height of his bliss. He
    got what he wanted...and the eyes, hummm....I can hear Rob thinking, "I can't wait to get these dam lenses off already.
    Yup, Edward/Rob; change can be good. Edward for the hot summer days, he can keep you cool. Rob for the winters, his human warmth is all any girl needs on a cold night.

  4. Great post, kiTT! I'm not a big fan of the season change either...but Rob face changes are so adorkable Rob...especially when he seeps into his characters :-)

  5. yes, the throwing rice scene is totally rob. i think he gets lost in the moment when the kstew is around. ;)

    yeah, she's totally checking out HIS yahoo, iykwis.

    thanks for the giggle.

  6. LOL, I love Rob's expressions!!

    I don't blame that girl in pic 2!! I'd probably get whiplash from looking between that glorious face and the glory that I know is hidden in those trousers!!! And I'd definitely have my eyes glued to the asscandy once he walked past!!!


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