Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bill Condon Has Given Us No Choice!

But to absolutely lurv this trailer!!

The bullet points:
  • Edward has emotion!
  • Bella and Jake saying goodbye *tear*
  • Charlie.
  • The vows = swoon
  • Sentiment - "Don't let me fall, dad."
  • The dog looks kinda good *shrugs*
  • I wish Robwardowski's hair was longer.
  • We NEED to brush up on our Breaking Dawn facts. Did someone say group re-read?
  • Mr. Kassie Cullen will say things like, "Last night was the best night of my existence."
  • We think either KStew holds back in her scenes with Rob (due to their off-screen relationship), or perhaps Bella and Edward's relationship has caused them to act more cautious/stoic around one another...talk amongst yourselves.
  • Goosebump worthy *pats Bill on the back*
  • "Fetus" is fun to say.
Off to watch it again...

Hey, Marie! Can I borrow that 6 foot 2 ice pack when you're done with it?


  1. Great summary Meg!!

    And yes, group re-read of BD coming soon - I'm working on numbers right now!

  2. A++++ on your summarizing skills. All points well taken. And you have to teach me how to get those shots from the videos.

  3. oops, got the HD pics from THINKING OF ROB.

  4. Very concise summary! I can't wait to meet Mr. Kassie Cullen so I can give him a script of pre-approved quotes to use :)

    *pats Bill on the back then punches him in the kidney for messing up Carlisle's hair*

  5. Can I just say, I LOVE BLACK-EYED EDWARD? Seeing the Precious like that does strange and wonderful things to mah girly bits. Thanks to Bill Condon for not forgetting to give me some black eyed Edward.

    Fab summary, Meg (as usual)! I'm ready for the group re-read! Here are some things I would like to discuss about this trailer:

    --That Jacob actually looks kinda sorta almost good *gags a little* with some facial hair...(I CANNOT believe I just admitted that...I'll say 5 Hail Edwards and fast for 3 days, please forgive me...)
    --WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH CARLISLE'S HAIR?? He totally needs some volumizer and to blow-dry that shit upside down. Kinda makes me long for the Eclipse days of wigs...
    --Charlie is so damn cute in a tux. The End.
    --KStew truly needs to "let go" in her scenes with Rob. I mean, Good God, girl...you are in a scene with ROB!!! *rolls eyes* I'll never understand...
    --I am enjoying saying 'fetus'...rolls off the tongue a little easier than 'Renesmee'...

    Loved it, Meg. This just reminds me why you're my lovah. Mwah.

  6. Jen's here! Jen's here! HOORAY! My life is complete.

    YES! Say it, out loud! Black-eyed Edward at the haunting end. Love that Bill Condon just frickin gets it, ya know?

    Can. not. believe. YOU just admitted the dog looked decent. *does a double take*

    Is there an Oscar for worst continuity with hair and makeup?

    Where's the bouffant when we need it?

    I would just like to add that the only time I think Kstew lets go with Robward is when she is mad at him, a la the mountain top before she walks off and makes out with Jake. Slut.

    Also, Rob is hot. Just needed to say that.

    @Kassie - put it out in the universe, baby. it just may come true.

  7. Meg, fabulous post. The Ice Pack was sent on a flight up to you...should have made it already.

    Kassie: I love the kidney punch! I'll see your kidney punch and raise you a knee to his junk for screwing up both Alice and EDWARD's hair!

    Jen, I agree. The scruff Jake's has is wearing me down...still feel dirty looking at him tho! LMAO at the 5 Hail Edwards and fasting for 3 days. Sounds like someone has a catholic background!!

    Fetus is a much better word for the half breed. Renesmee is just awkward. Now, tell me how the hell I'm supposed to pronounce it? Rehnehsmay or Rehnehsme?

    Worst hair/makeup continuity goes to the WHOLE saga. Seriously, for characters who aren't supposed to change they sure have grown and cut alot of hair. Did anyone see Aro? He looks like the friggin' Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Michael Sheen got hit with the ugly stick in this one!!! Go back and look at it!!!

    Oh, question? Who the hell is the blond? Is that Irina there already?

  8. yes, i was wondering the same thing? i really need to read BD again. I hated the last part of the book though.

  9. Possible theory on the blonde.

    Melissa R. had said they were able to dive more into the Volturi. Maybe that meant the background of showing that Aro is so vicious he had his own sister (and Marcus' mate) killed just to keep Marcus loyal to him.

    It's just a theory.

  10. Okay, kiTT. Are you like a professor of Twilight or something? WOW, I'm impressed.

  11. I know. If only I could get someone to recognize my Twilight details greatness and bestow me Rob...or a ticket to the premiere.

  12. OMG NHB - I couldn't pinpoint exactly what looked so weird about Aro until you just said it - totally looks like Mad Hatter Johnny Depp!!!!


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